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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Struggles

    My sweetheart is struggling in his new job and isn't getting the support he needs from his superiors. We know that the Lord led him to this position, and that He will provide what he needs. His stress level is off the charts, it is affecting his health and overshadowing every good thing. Please keep him in your prayers, that God would open his eyes and heart again to the countless blessings all around him, even in the midst of the chaos.
  • Letting Go

    The Lord is teaching me to let go and to let Him work. I have learned by His grace to trust Him in many things. Now He is teaching me to let Him work in my relationship with my best friend and sweetheart. I need His spirit to strengthen my faith
  • PET scan this morning

    I'm asking for prayers for a totally clear PET scan today March 24th. I've been in remission for almost a year from breast cancer that had spread to my lymph nodes. I had blood work yesterday and my white blood cell count was low so I'm having the scan today. I do feel that GOD has totally HEALED me but these scans are still scary. I have a 7 year old daughter and I want to raise her!!!! Thank you so much!!! I love this radio station and this beautiful community!!!
  • Lord Soften hearts

    Pls pray the Lord will draw my husband &
    daughter's hearts back to each other. He needs more unconditional love & care & she needs to forgive his busyness & harshness in the past
  • Christian Husband

    My husband to desire more initiating with our adult children and persevere with his attempts at connecting with them
  • A lot

    A lot is going on in my life. Almost everything is going wrong. I am asking God to save me from this nightmare.
  • Thank you

    So blessed and loved by the PLR prayer community! Thank you for praying for those who reach out.
  • marriage restoration

    PLEASE pray for my marriage my lovely bride has filed for divorce, I am devastated and as a very high profile Christian couple in the local community I never dreamed this would be where we could end up.
    I love her and would honor and cherish her til our last days on tjis earth.
    Please heavenly Father just a little touch of your hand could turn this mess into a message.
    Love you Jesus amen
  • Job

    I need a new job my current job isn't working out for me. I ask prayer for when I apply for jobs that God will lead me in the right direction as to what job to apply for. I really want Monday thru Friday, I haven't been able to go to church in six months or so because I work every Sunday.
  • Marriage

    Please just keep my husband an I in your prayers for us to stay committed to each other an God