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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Illness

    My daughter has moved to Canada to attend Prairie Bible Institute. Traditionally she develops pneumonia this time of year and it seems that this year is no exception. She is experiencing the beginning symptoms, so she went into the doctor to try and get help before she ends up hospitalized (like the previous 3 years). They only gave her codeine to help her cough and to help her sleep.
    Please pray that the LORD our healer, brings the miracle of restored health so she doesn't end up in the hospital again this year.
  • Grateful

    First of all I like to thank and give Glory to God for being our God, HE is faithful and true to HIS words. God's timing is ever perfect so for those who pray to GOD don't ever lose hope. Thank you JESUS for without YOUR sacrifice, these would not have been possible at all, would not have any hope. Thank you for all those who patiently pray for me, God speaks to you and bless you. Thank you and God Bless.
  • giving my marriage to God

    Please pray for me. I'm struggling with overcoming an alcohol addiction which has caused me to be physically violent towards my husband who is now filing for divorce. I never sought help before because I was afraid to admit that I have a problem. I've also suffered with depression since a miscarriage 2 1/2 year ago which led me to heavy drinking. I've now sought help and am rekindling my relationship with God but could use prayers for support and courage. I don't want to lose my marriage and I pray that I can be strong enough to overcome my personal issues so I can lead a life of true happiness. Please pray for both myself and for my husband.
  • Marriage prayer

    I have to tell my husband about an affair I had a year and a half ago... before someone else tells him. It happened during a very difficult patch in our marriage--we were living separately. I feel we have a strong marriage now, (better than it's ever been), but I'm scared he'll divorce me.
    Please pray for me to have strength and him to have forgiveness.
  • praise

    I just wanted to thank all of you that prayed over me over having to re do my mammogram, all was clear today, whatever they had found on last months films could not be found today,I praise God for hearing prayers and keeping me healthy.
  • Cousin's spiritual awakening

    I want to praise God for working in my cousin's heart. I asked for prayer for her a few days ago because she was being tempted to be unfaithful to her husband. Now she understands this has been a crisis to lead her to God whom she rejected about thirty years ago after her Christian stepmother died.

    This is only the beginning so please continue to pray that God would finish the good work he began in her. And please pray for her husband who is Jewish but not devout. He's upset over this change, but the truth is he also needs to know his savior, Jesus.
  • PRAY

    I am a Diabetic i had it since i was 12 years. and had to take insulin shots 4-8 times a day.and now i am on the insulin pump had the pump since i was 13 years old i have blood sugar that go up and down like a rollercoster ride so i need a lot of prayers please and god bless
  • restoration

    My husband has addictions.my daughter and my husband aren't getting along.so would you not mind praying for us.my daughter still lives with us.there is tension in our home.
    Thank you so much, Diane
  • hope in life, becouse i feel useless

    I am a 19 yr. old girl who has gone thru so much in life.the oldest child of 5 children. I've never had a place called home. we've been living in shelters, or temporary homes. right now where at a trailer with the owner. nothing but problems. my family was kicked out of two churches for a reason that they don't even know, they performed to listen to gossips then to us. in our next church we were only judged for not being the family with money and the kids that don't have the nice/expensive clothing. its been months sense I've been in a church and I don't even want to go, for what! just to be judged, and see how the people react. I want to go to church I want to hear the gospel, but I don't want to be judged. all I want is a job for my mother and I to work and move on into an apartment, to have some peace in life. but over all I need the LORD to be with my family and provide our needs.
  • Daniel

    please pray for my friend Daniel. he needs a miracle. He is facing a serious legal problem. he does not deserve what is hapenning to him and may go to prision for a long time for selling a product that is healing to people. The FDA does not want him to sell it, so they are trying to make an example out of him for everyone that sells a product that is made by God and is healing. pray for Daniel to have the strength to fight this legal battle.

    please pray over the judge's heart and mind and to open her eyes to the truth and to take it very easy on him and listen to his arguments, and see that he has done nothing wrong but help people. To spare him from going to prision and keep him with his family. Lord we pray Mercy and truth over the judge's heart and mind. Amen