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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Convictions for daughter

    She needs strength to stand strong in midst of loneliness & uncertainty about her Dad's work that is causing him stress & impatience about everything. She just moved to live with us after a bad relationship for 3 years. She has her son with us too
  • Sons & daughter needs encouragement

    Husband told kids he & I will move to another town even though he knows I don't want to and be also told them he won't move again if they move to be near us (they are young adults) they are upset & I am too. He's having major work problems
  • prayer request

    I don't want to get out of bed anymore in the mornings. Too many bad things keep happening. Thanks and blessings.
  • Cancer

    I am asking for prayer for my family. My 2 1/2 year old niece was recently diagnosed with cancer, and is just about to start going into treatment. I pray for the guideance of the doctors and nurses hands. I pray for her parents knowing that God is there for them when ever they need him. But most of all I pray that my niece is able to breeze through this ordeal with positive results.
  • prescription medications for sleep

    I'm really struggling to sleep and anxious about switching medications/trying medications. speaking to a doctor tomorrow regarding this and don't know what to do. praying for deliverance from years of insomnia and wisdom for tomorrow. also I have a PTSD diagnosis. thankyou for your prayers.
  • Finacial

    I am asking for your prayers that My Father God, teaches me, and strengthens me to think the way He thinks, and to teach me to pray My Father God's will for my life..
  • Prayer for guidance

    Seeking wisdom and guidance in my current relationship; we're on the verge of calling it quits. I need strength to lead by example of what love looks like. Trying to remain hopeful and optimistic that change can happen. I want us to be together, but want to follow God's will. Pray for wisdom, clarity and a resilient spirit.
  • Husband wisdom at work

    Husband has been with same company almost 20 years. He is getting word from his boss' boss that his job isn't secure. He is trying to find something else soon
  • Praise!!!!!

    My sweet husband has an issue that causes him not to be able to take the traditional eye exam for his drivers lic - no problem with his sight, just can't focus in the small device you need to look in to take the test. We are required to do a traditional exam by an optometrist, take paperwork to the DOT, they always need something else, another trip back to Spokane Eye Clinic and back to the DOT - a huge ordeal that causes my husband so much stress. This year the Dr signed the paperwork, the DOT accepted it the first time and he has his lic for six years. In the grand scheme of things this may sound trivial, but every opportunity I have to praise God and thank Him for answered prayers, I do. Thank you Lord!
  • Desires to be from Lord

    Husband seeking Lors about which companies to apply at. I'd rather not move again unless it's really best for our family