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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Stressing!

    Hi...something just happened recently and I am really stressing about it. It caused a chain reaction, and I'm close to panic....please pray that the Lord will take care of it, and give me his peace!

  • need help

    I just don't know what to do anymore.. It seems like the harder I try, the worse I fail.. I have been fighting for so long.. I need a financial blessing from the Lord.. Seems like I can't get ahead.. I have anxiety, and for those who don't know about that, it is really not fun.. I am just so frustrated.. Seems like I been in the wilderness my whole life.. When things are good, they don't last long.. Please say a prayer for me.. Seems like the Lord is not listening anymore.. God bless
  • Wondering if I should dedicate 3 years to the Lord by leaving my job

    I am requesting prayer to get direction on whether or not I should leave my job and dedicate 3 years to Christ. A few worries I have are that I am worried about not having money, and if its just a wild thought. I heard about a girl who did this, and it sparked my attention. I would love to dedicate 3 whole years solely to Christ, yet I have some worries I wished I did not have. I want to be like the disciple who presses through fear, and trust even though I may not understand. Please help me in prayer. Thank you.
  • Protection

    Please pray for my family and friends on the Big Island of Hawaii as they prepar for the
    Huricane to hit today.
  • young teen believer health

    Dear sweet child of amazing belivers, she is hoping to go into the mission field in Africa, went to ER with amnesia yesterday. A mass was discovered on her brain. She was airlifted to Seattle Childrens she is in surgery now. Praying for miracles in Jesus name!
  • Family

    My mother in law passed away unexpectedly yesterday and it has really hit the family hard. She died the day after her 67th birthday. Prayer for direction in preparations and peace during this hard time and for all the grandchildren who were there when the body was found