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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Eyesight miracles for Ryan

    On April 14th our son Ryan had his eye shot with an arrow and has had two surgeries to reconstruct the entire eye and reattach the retina. We have seen Heavenly Daddy do amazing healing, just reaching out to get as many praying warriors to believe and pray and claim with us for 100% eyesight restored! Psalm 91
    Thank you from the bottom of this momma's heart!
  • My daughter

    I asked you guys to pray for my daughter about her teeth and gums.she doesn't have a tumor or anything like that. She does need a lot of work to be done though. She has to have $933.00 worth work that has to be done. Well the Dentist wrote off the full bill!
    God is so good!
  • Asking For Prayer

    I am sorry I ask for so much prayer but a lot going on. Tomorrow ( Wednesday 10:30 am ) They will be giving me Novocaine shots in my back to prove to my Medical Coverage ( Molina ) that my lower part of my spine is what is causing the pain in my legs and back. If this works they will burn the Nerves in my lower back so I can go back to work. If it does not work I have 3 months to figure out a way to get a income or I will be out on the street. Please Help Me Pray .

    Thank You All For Your Prayers ,.,,
    Guy Wilks
  • Mother, Sister, Husband and My Health

    I know the power of prayer - I am asking for prayer for my mother who has diabetes and Alzheimer's and for my sister who takes care of her around the clock and is suffering from depression and hopelessness. I am asking for prayer for my husband who has survived kidney cancer only to have been given an antibiotic that has ruined the use of his arms. He is looking for a direction and hope and has given up most of the things he loves to do. I am asking for prayer for me for strength in this challenging world of so many sorrows and that the back surgery I am needing to have works out for my best. Thank you! (I cannot provide an email on this computer, but know that your prayers will help)
  • Prayers would be appreciated

    I am currently working on master's and cannot find my data anywhere. Along with a potential career move. Please pray for my acceptance of God's will in my life and finding my data to complete my master's. Thank you so much for your prayers
  • Marriage

    Two years ago my mother in law decided to make it her mission to get her son to divorce me and nearly suceeded. Through counseling and we were able to heal our marriage but my mother in law and brother in law have continued to try to hurt us. I am trying to build a relationship with them. However the brother most recently stated he wished my husband would have died of cancer rather than marry me. Please pray that the Lord would reveal to them the damage they are doing and heal the relationships. Pray God would give me the words to defend our marriage while not evoking more anger and show me where I am wrong so that I too can change. I want my son to know his grandmother, uncle, and cousins but do not wish to risk my marriage to make it possible. Please pray for a miracle as God is able to grant miracles and only he can heal these broken relationships. Thank you.
  • Surgery and quick recovery

    My friend Deborah goes in for surgery the 17th of May. Please pray that the Lord will guide and direct the surgeons. Please pray that all will be well. Please pray for a quick recovery.
  • Spiritual Growth

    Pray my nephew and his wife grow spiritually. Also, pray they attend church every Sunday and their work schedules enable them to do so.
  • Sick mom.

    My mom is 82. Became sick very quickly tonight. Prayers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  • direction and finances

    PLEASE pray for me. I am working as a counselor in a drug rehab. program in Lewiston but don't make enough to pay bills. THIS IS NOT GOOD! I am believing that My Lord will intervene and direction about what to do will come. I have been applying at other places so I am hoping and believing that God will open doors on my behalf. Thanks for your prayers and support.