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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • need medical help

    I shared before I need medical treatment I ask for prayer for healing and for the treatment needed.my go fund me link is gofundme .com/gdn6qg-need-medical-help
    Please pray this is successful. Also pray for my children to be saved.
  • Prayers for truth, justice, love, happiness

    We are going through a difficult custody battle. I pray for the softening of hearts. I pray for healing of old wounds. I pray for the truth to be told and heard. I pray for justice to be done. Previously we had been civil but after some upset in my ex's home, things have been taken out on our children and my home. Civility got thrown out the window and shut behind it. I pray for the window to open and be allowed back in. What is best for the children is what matters, and seeing parents who don't love each other anymore but being able to communicate is what is best for them. In Jesus' name I pray, please.
  • prayer request

    Request prayer for depression and anxiety to where I cannot sleep nor eat.
  • Prayer for our service men and women

    Please keep our service people in your prayers today. Military, Police, Fire and Rescue

  • Better choices

    Please. PRAY for our SON TYLER who is in a LONG DISTANCE ONLINE jRELATIONSHIP with SOME GIRL HE Hardly KNOWS,,,,. He's already talking MARRIAGE,,. HE always FALLS in LOVE QUICKLY....., PRAY for MAJOR ROAD BLOCKS HINDRANCES,. PRAY. Our SON TYLER will Meet a NEW GIRLFRIEND Nearby.....',,
  • given up

    It's so hard to work and not make it. I left a serious abusive marriage and I took nothing it's a year later and I have zero no food a disconnect on a avista I need medical treatment but my insurance is inadequate so I may lose my job. I work fulltime I'm praying God will speak to someone and hire me to do weeding or yard cleanup. I'm 53 a breast cancer survivor ×6yr. if you have odd jobs email please and pray for me I'm trying to hang on.
  • Better choices

    Please. PRAY for our SON TYLER who is in a LONG DISTANCE ONLINE jRELATIONSHIP with SOME GIRL HE Hardly KNOWS,,,,NOW he talking MARRIAGE..??. WHAT the Heck.... PRAY for MAJOR ROAD BLOCKS HINDRANCES,...... He's even Thinking about​ RELOCATING to NEVADA​........ PRAY for BETTER CHOICES,.
    PRAY TYLER will Meet SOMEONE LOCALLY..... Please PRAY.... He. Always Falls in LOVE QUICKLY.....
  • Spiritual Growth

    Pray my nephew and his wife grow spiritually. Also, pray they attend church every Sunday and their work schedules enable them to do so.
  • Healing for me

    I need healing for my knees. I have arthritis in my knees. Also for my work. That I would get along with my boss and do a great job for her! I want my light to shine.
    Thank you for your prayers!