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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Losing

    I feel like Iam lost in the dessert. I love Jesus but I fighting outside forces the closer I get to god.
    I know it’s Satan, I feel so beat up a worn down emotionally when I pray or sing his praises.
    I just want to quit walking in the darkness and dance in his light.
    I feel stupied asking for ur prayers when others r suffering and hurting so much more then I am.
    For that Iam sooo sorry
  • unemployed son

    My son has been applying for and getting let passed over with job applications for almost two years. He SO wants to work. He has one employer asking for more questions. Please pray for him to get relief from stress of looking for a job to actually GETTING a job. He is only applying for jobs he would take. I pray for his spirit as well. I so appreciate your prayers..
  • Spriritual attacks

    Please pray for my son, who is experiencing spiritual warfare to be set free. He has some kind of stronghold on him. He has been prayed for, but continues to struggle with thoughts, pictures, dreams and the like that are not from God. This has caused him to question his future and his salvation at times. His desire is to go into the mission field, and I believe unless he was some kind of threat he wouldn't be bothered. I am overwhelmed and no longer know what to say, and end up saying the wrong thing. So I need restoration with him as well. It is at a critical point, I thank you for your prayers on his behalf.
  • So Confused and In Tears

    Hello Everyone ,, I have bone to bone vertebra's in my lower back causing all kinds of pain. I have 4 doctors throwing there arms up in the air saying they don't know what to do. Social Security denied me any help. I am working 4 hours a night , 5 days a week and try to live off that. Don't know what to do but pray. Will Be Praying For All Of You. GOD BLESS
  • Everything

    Heater broke in the middle of the night , husband and I are always fighting , money is not coming in , stuck with bills we can’t pay and a job I don’t like . Oh my soul, am defeated. I feel as if giving up would be best . I can only pray so much , years of this , am so tired
  • Healing

    I have a stomach virus. Pray that it goes away. Thank you.
  • Protection

    Please pray that I will continue to save myself for marriage... and to not be offended by what others tell me to put me down.
  • Lynn

    Pray for my Husband . He faces so much stress trying to provide for his family, battle being sober for 2 months now. Budget is really tight, he seems to be on a high stress rollercoaster. I feel like nothing I say or do is helping him. Only God can give him that peace he needs. I pray he stays sober also. Thank you.
  • Eye infection

    Please pray for my aunt's dog (Champ) who has something very wrong with his eyes -- an infection possibly. Please pray! Doesn't look good. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  • Rattlesnake Ridge Landslide

    Pray for those forced to evacuate because of the potential damage from the landslide.