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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • God's Mighty power and conviction

    Please pray for our Christian Fellowship/Bible study I have been doing all I can to lead these men in the truth of God but seems as if only a small select few are realizing the truth of the Lord and some are getting into Gossiping and sinful intentions. Please pray that the Lord will Reprove and Convict and do a mighty humbling in thier hearts to show them the extremities of their actions, words and states of their hearts. Please pray that Jesus would do such a mighty thing to help them see what they are doing and that the word of God would effect their lives!

    thanks so much
    God Bless
  • Bitterness and Anger

    Please pray for me my heart is overwhelmed with bitterness and anger toward this individual whom I've showed kindness twice but they keep returning it all with hurtful words and actions. I need strength to forgive and live on. Please, feeling weak in this area, dear Lord Jesus, give me a hand in this and comfort my soul. amen.
  • healing

    Please pray for a mother and daughter that were in a terrible car crash last evening and are both in critical condition.
    Thank you.
  • Young Lad

    Please for a young man in our church. He seems to be playing with several hearts of the young single women in our church. Pray for the Lord to give him wisdom and guidance. And wisdom to the young ladies as well.
  • God

    God, please get me out of this terrible situation and allow me to finally be allowed to live fully. I can't take it anymore.
  • My husband

    My husband is depressed and has addictions. He is depressed about life.
    Thank you
  • My husband

    Please pray for my husband. My husband and my son and daughter in law don't get along. My son and husband are planning some time together this weekend. So please pray for the weekend that God would heal relationships.
    Thank you!
  • Wedding Plans

    Please pray that God will provide for our wedding coming up on September. For we are struggling financially and we don't have a lot of family support. God will take care of every detail, and that everything will come together and our wedding will be a successful one in Gods eyes and according to his will..God bless you!!
  • All of you.

    I wanted to say thank you to all of you who have been praying for me. I don't know who you are but I talked with God today and asked him to put a hand on all of your shoulders. I wish we could connect some how? God Bless all of you, I can feel the support.
    Love Will
  • Wisdom for a very hard decision

    My 90 year old father, we believe, has dementia. He has sudden outbursts of anger and is hateful. We are at our wits end and he either needs to be medicated or moved for our safety and his. We need wisdom to do the right thing for all of us and not make a decision based on anger or fear.