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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • grandchildren

    My grandsons have no father in their lives. The oldest has entered high school, is trying sports, and is so discouraged. I want to help him, don't know what to say, know he needs a male influence but he has only women in h is life. He is a Christian but is not really committed to Jesus now. Please pray for him and his brothers to look to Jesus and for Christian men to come into their lives, Grandma
  • Financial and my family health

    I would like pray for me an my daughter to feel better we battle an bad flue right now and I am 80 dollars short for the 17th of Sep for my car and they are going to repo. Its meaning take it's from me
  • hopeless

    I'm losing hope. I just want to give up but I can't because I have a daughter that needs me. I feel so alone . I pray that my spouse comes to know the lord so we stop fighting. I can barely hang on any more
  • Prayer for world peace

    Once again, need prayer warriors.. This man, leader of Russia, "Putin" , has done everything to start a war with America.. Everything except actually engaging in battle.. I believe we should be praying for peace and Gods protection every day.. Cause this is not a war that will be fought over seas.. This a war that will be fought on the home front.. And could eventually lead to nuclear war.. I just pray that God would give our leaders wisdom and discernment.. And God save the world.. Amen.. God save the world from terrorism, God save the world from dictators..
  • prayer for Israel

    I don't know how many of you are following the world news ? But, the world is in a very dangerous position at best.. The Obama administration signed a deal for a nuclear agreement with Iran, that is not good from any standpoint.. The leader of Iran, Khamenei, tweeted a picture of Obama with a gun to his head.. This man is no friend of America.. In fact, spends his time cursing America.. And what's more, he has promised to destroy Israel within' 25 years.. Israel is still Gods first born.. And this evil must be prayed about and stopped.. So, if you feel like I feel, pray against this evil.. Amen.. Thank you..
  • S&C protection of relationship between them and Christ

    thank You Jesus for immediately, fully and permanently rebuking and blocking Kassidy,Robin, and all exes and all wayward cheating lying women from Cody and Sarah. and their relationship together and life and faithfulness together. Lord put up a chasm between Cody and Kassidy and Robin. Lord rebuke and block all adultery out and away from Cody&Sarah &their love & life together. Lord please protect, strengthen and bless the relationship/soon to be marriage between Cody & Sarah 100%,now & forever. in Jesus Name, we pray, Amen. Hallelujah!!!
  • Salvation & forgiveness

    Our daughter & her baby's father need salvation (Martin) and re-dedication (Shannon) and peaceful visits for their son. We need help with finances while she lives with us again & toddler needs stability
  • Praise & prayer

    Our daughter is movin back home after living with fiance & their baby over a year. Please pray for salvation for them both & for a peaceful & cooperative visitation agreement. He's shown signs it will be difficult but with God all things are possible!! Please pray!!'
  • Prayers

    I just can't do it anymore. I've begged God for 15 years and yet it continues. I am having a nervous breakdown.
  • Adoption

    My husband and I need a breakthrough with this adoption process.