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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Prayer for mom & sister

    My mom (72) recently moved & is stressed. I'm flying to help & see her & my sister that lives near her is pregnant (I just found out) and getting married & has lost custody of a son due to emotional issues. Please pray for them both
  • Safety in bad weather

    Family driving in snowy weather...we've alll had minor mishaps driving in the snow in years past & praying for the Lords hand of protection
  • our DIL Sarah and son Jordan in Seattle

    Through very tragic events, our DIL Sarah, contracted an acute pneumonia that went untreated. After several days, and very quickly, she could no longer breathe and lost consciousness. Our son called 911 and began chest compressions immediately but by the time she arrived at Harborview, just minutes away, she had already been without oxygen for 15 - 20 minutes. She has been in a coma now for 7 weeks and her prognosis is very grim. They have two beautiful daughters, 5 and 7 years of age and Jordan is only 31. Jordan and Sarah are very strong Christians and Sarah is a lay minister in their church as well as a mentor and counselor. She also teaches in the girls' school. Our son loves her dearly and desperately needs her back.

  • My crazy family

    I need prayers for my neice, her mom and her stepdad. my neice has been living with us off and on for 3 months now- at the beginning of the school year she was kicked out of her house. Both her and her mother have had a tough and crazy life. My neice doesn't get along with her step dad- my brother in law. she is lying constantly and making choices that teenagers shouldn't be making. As a family they are trying to work through things but it only seems to keep going in circles. They need to find the love and grace of God along with open communication, honesty, and trust.
  • No income

    Please pray for me for next month's bills and rent. I've lost my job, I have many physical problems and I am stressed. I just want somewhere to call home and a way to earn money without hurting my physical issues. Thank you and God Bless!
  • Ongoing multiple health problems

    I have been struggling for the last seven years with all sort health problems. During this time I went to several doctors and clinics and haven't found the root cause. Some problems are gone but recently by ability to breath normally and my sight are affected. Please pray for me, as I often fear so much and feel so depressed. I want to trust God and live this life joyful, praising Him and being a great blessing for people.
  • Daughter heart soft toward Scriptures

    Pls pray our daughter will have a soft heart to receive Scripture...I've been sending Psalms & other encouraging scripture once/month and feel I should...pray Lord woos her back to Him
  • new home

    Searching for new home. Let his will be done. I think i have found the right one but it may already be taken. Help me to accept if it is not the one for me or finances to fall in line if it is. Thank you.
  • Friends in need of prayer

    Please pray for Brains, J-dubb, Raymond, Moses, Deanna, Tish, Fish, and Jessie. These are some friends I care deeply about. Pray for them to have open hearts, softened hearts, and to attend Warrior Leadership Summit 2015 in the summer. Transformation, Jesus generation to emerge. New hope, new life. Thank you for praying.
  • Stress

    Please pray for my family. We are currently building our first house through my husband's work and there are some legal issues arising with the business. We fear all our hard work and money toward our house will be lost. Please pray for peace and strength to trust God through this time. Please pray for me as I am stressing a lot and losing hair, weight and my mind. Thank You.