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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • meeting

    My boss & her boss have asked to meet with me, but did not say why. Please pray for something encouraging. I've already been feeling down and don't think I can handle any bad news or gripes. Than you.
  • Step Daughter addiction recovery

    Please pray for my step daughter. She is 23 and is an alcoholic. She also started using cocaine lately. She had a big wake up call this weekend and now admits she needs help. Please pray that God will protect her and keep her on the right path to recovery. Thank you.
  • Tammy's seizures

    Please pray for my friend, Tammy, she is an amazing godly mom and teacher. She has been recently began having seizures and black out episodes. She is currently awaiting test results. Pray for her and her family to find healing in these trials. Help her to reach out to friends and family, as she is very stubborn about asking for help. Pray for this amazing godly woman that God will give her grace in this time of crisis. Pray for her family to surround her with prayer warriors.
  • need a dentist

    Please pray that I can find a dentist in Post Falls or Cda.

    I am 69 yrs old, live alone on Social Security. Very healthy except for lately as my gum disease has caused my teeth to get huge cavities, split, come loose, or fall out. I've been searching for a dentist but can't find one who meets my criteria: ( willing to accept $100 a month, remove my teeth and give me dentures all in same day, and put me under gas as soon as I enter the dentist office.)

    I can't eat much of anything anymore as my teeth are so loose. Constant pain is beginning to get to my frame of mind. I KNOW God is in control but I also know He has placed good dentists on the earth to help us.

    Thank you for your prayers.
  • My job

    I had a bad day at work on Friday. I don't think my boss likes me. I'm going to have a hard day on Monday. Will you pray for me.
    Thank you!
  • Dad and myself

    Hello - I am asking for prayer for my dad who has some health issues and may be facing surgery. He is putting on going to the specialist because he doesn't want to go. Please pray that God will sustain him and all of us through this time and the surgery will not bring about any side effects or complications but that it will help him immensely.

    Also asking prayer for myself. I've been a night owl for several years and have been trying to change that around for years. Finally by God's Grace and in His timing I've been able to get to bed by 11pm for over a week! However, I keep waking up really early and am unable to go back to sleep. I just want to feel better and be able to feel like myself again which I haven't for a very long time.

    Thank you.
  • please pray for my children

    please pray for my son Edgar to continue learning about God's love. He needs a miracle in his life right now, he needs a chance to live a lufe without drugs. please pray for my daughter Karen so she can let God in her life.
  • for my boyfriend to not work so much

    For dave to stop working so much and to talk more. And we have talked about marriage. Ask God to put that on his heart. And to strengthen our relationship with God. Thank you so much. God bless u all.
  • Child Custody Battle

    I separated with my baby's father in April because we both need to seek help in order to have a healthy relationship. Right now, we are going through a huge custody battle. Keep in mind, I'm only 19 years old. Our daughter is 3 months old. Im heart broken to what this battle has become. Im going to counseling to let me seek help in becoming a better person and help fight my depression and anxiety. I want to pray for my ex... I want him to seek help and for him and I to work things out.
  • Fear

    i am going thru extreme, severe anxiety. My dr just prescribed Prozac, i pray that this will help me.