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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Son needs Jesus and a job

    He has an interview today. Please pray that he sees God providing for him, the God who loves him so much. More than the job, I want him to know Jesus as his Savior.
  • prayer for flash flood victims in NE India

    I just went on a mission trip with WWU to NE India, and the school we were at to do health education of about 900 students and staff had one of the most devastating flash floods they ever experienced shortly after we left (about a week after we left). One teacher died in the 5 foot deep waters, and the school grounds were of course damaged. They had to send all of the students home for the year (which usually ends in December). Also one of our group had stayed to teach there, and is now on his last step of getting home safe, and exit visa. Please pray for all of the people at the school, the family and wife of the teacher who died, others who were affected by the flood, and the member of our group to come home as soon as possible and safely. Thank you

    Hi, I'm the one with the baby rabbits that died, (ONE DID LIVE THOUGH! PRAISE GOD!!!) And the rabbit that was sick with sniffles and weepy eye, and my recovery from the rabbit that the Lord took home. I feel like the enemy is hitting my beloved rabbits so I just ask you to break off any attack that the enemy is putting against them! I found some worms on my two rabbits yesterday. I have a vet appointment tomorrow. I checked this morning and no worms I could see, PRAISE GOD! Worms can eat them alive from the inside out, and it is VERY painful, so if the Lord doesn't heal them, and the vet can't do anything, I wouldn't want to risk them going through that because it is VERY painful!! So I'd have to put them down..... D": I love them DEARLY, and I just ask for your prayer! Just DECLARE AND DECREE THAT THEY WILL HAVE COMPLETE HEALING, RESTORATION AND PROTECTION!
  • Thanks!

    Thanks to the person who sent my encouraging note about plantar fasciitis! I will try the rolling pin idea. I would love to heal myself. Thanks again and have a blessed week!
  • Diagnosed with Hep C

    I have been diagnosed with Hep c 2 days ago. I have started searching for a real cure and am taking milk thistle. I think I have been in shock for the last couple of days it just started to hit me emotionally tonight. Please pray for me. Thank you
  • My brother's salvation

    Please pray for my brother Dave.
    He is living a very wild life and is making so many wrong choices. Even though he is a smart young man, he is not making responsible decisions and this is affecting my parents health. Please pray that he opens up his heart to God to transform him.
  • fear

    I am having a lot of anxiety and fear.. It is very painful, and embarrassing.. Sometimes I shake around people.. Please pray for me.. Thank you
  • New unfamiliar terrifying endeavor

    I will be starting school for my Bachelors Degree. I have a tendency to compare myself to people. Sometimes I feel very insecure and that I am not smart or have nothing to offer. I am extremely terrified of giving presentations, whether its in a group or individually. I cringed earlier when I read my syllabus. Just seeing the word "presentations" makes me want to run and hide. It may sound silly, but I would appreciate your prayerful support. I know I don't need to have confidence in myself, but rather my confidence needs to be in Jesus. I appreciate your prayers. Thank you!
  • prayer for family that lost loved one unexpected

    the atwood family lost their daughter Alicia last night due to an accident that happened thursday night. she wrecked and was turned upside down in 2 feet of water! she died they brought her back but she passed away last night at about midnight. please pray for the family, that the Lord will put them in his hands and comfort them at this time of great loss!
  • Prayers for Mama and sister

    My mother is in a nursing home now with COPD and severe pain from arthritis. Please pray for her health and she knows she is not long on earth but at 88 she is just hanging on. My sister,58, who has lived her entire life with Mama and is her caretaker, has cancer and had been under chemo and radiation since June and now scheduled for an appointment tomorrow, Monday, with the oncologist. She is still in a lot of pain and staying with a cousin, now that mama is in the nursing home. She cannot visit Mama because of her compromised immunity. Please pray for protection for both.