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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Blessed But Wish I Knew What God Had In Store For Me ?

    I came down to Kelso , Wa To see my Daughter's and Grand Kids ,,, So I feel Blessed To Be Here . But my heart is breaking because I have to go back home. I want to live here and I have been praying God would give me a job and a home here ,, it did not happen. I have to go home in 3 days. I wish there was a Miracle out there for me. I want to stay here Lord.

    Help Me Lord ,,, Help Me
  • Family

    My husband and son are going out for the day on Friday. Pray they have a great time. My husband has addictions and my son and him haven't been getting along. I just want my son and husband to have a great time.
    Thank you for your prayers!
  • knee

    I have had 3 surgeries on my left knee and it's looking like I'm going to have to have another. Went to the orthopedist today and was told that I've got arthritis in both knees and that either the reconstructed ACL I had done a year and a half ago has either stretched to the point that it is useless or has torn again. I've been living in constant pain for the last six months trying to find an orthopedist that took my insurance and I now need prayer that the rest of what needs to happen happens quickly. I need authorization from the insurance for an MRI so the doctor can actually determine what needs to be done. Please pray that this happens quickly so I can get this taken care of or at the least know what is going on.
  • Living On Credit Cards

    I don't want to focus on money. I want to focus on God. We just had to put on phone bill and car insurance and medical bills on a credit card. Last month we had to do the same thing. We just don't have the income, and we can barley pay rent. I don't want to be like this anymore. I don't want to be sad. Please pray for us. We are just having a really hard time. Nothing feels right. Nothing seems to be going our way at all, and for years and now its just getting worse and worse each month. I keep praying, but am dead inside. Please pray.
  • 11am Phone Call Tomorrow - Daughter cannot get both physical and mental health needs met

    Last Mar better after 5 mo's bed ridden from Leaky Gut > Apr bit by tick infected with Lyme> Sept breast tumor and she broke with unhealthy risky coping activities > Dec breast surgery > this Apr ran away with stranger and went to wilderness program > pinned hips now inflamed and may need surgery > transitioned her to a place to help with mental health support > said could accommodate health needs (food restrictions & lots of supplements) > now saying they cannot give her what she needs physically and/or are not believing alternative medicine (DC/nutritionist/functional medicine expert)

    Phone call at 11am tomorrow to see if they can help her/us or if we need to bring her home or find another spot. In wilderness, very helpful mental health support but physical needs not met (ex. doctor never came, incorrect food list, didn't get doctor's updates).
  • Addiction

    I'm a recovering alcoholic of 7 years. There is hope, Diane! God is bigger!! Prayed for you and your family.
  • peace

    Please pray for peace for me.
    My husband died 6 years ago, hiking. We didn't find him for 11 days and this time of year is always hard for me.
    Thank you my friends.
  • Addiction

    My husband is depressed about life and how controlling his addiction is. Pleas pray for him to be set free. Also healing for our family.
    Thank you!
  • work

    A nasty coworker who thinks they are in charge and my boss said I did not handle a situation right and were very harsh even mean to me. Neither care that I am under major stress from my family life and at work. I asked to get together tomorrow but I am uncertain it will go better. I need the job with benefits so I ask for the right words and that I will not start crying and it will go well and they wont spread their version. Thank you for your prayers.
  • Daughter drug test

    My daughter has been sober for 5 months now and we had a hair follicle test done today that if she passes it she can request some visitation time with her daughter she has not seen in about a year. So any prayers for her test to come out negative for anything bad would be greatly appreciated.