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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Financially Struggling - Husband to get a local and steady job

    Hello Everyone,
    I want to thank you all for your prayers ahead of time.
    I can't go into details but God knows what's in my heart.
    Please pray for my husband and my children.
    And my unsaved relatives also my husband family too.
  • Family

    Please pray my mother can visit us and have a safe & relaxing trip when she comes later this year. Also, divine energy and safety at work, as I am a floater at a hectic preschool and work in a toddler
    class, with lifting alot. This class caused me temnis elbow a few years ago. Lord to allow me to get to help with older children regularly or strengthen me quick for current class assignment. Also to have good hours to allow me tomcontinue to watch my autistic grandson regularly, as much as I have been doing
  • Update On My Brother In Law Mike

    He had the exploratory on the arteries in his stomach today. He needs a double by-pass. Please pray for him!!!!
  • Anxiety and worry

    If you could please pray that God heals me from me being anxious all the time about my future because I can't seem to stop worrying. Having received quite a few no from universities I applied to for Masters, the constant feeling of defeat is giving anxiety and I truly could use a breakthrough because I feel like I'm constantly fighting or in survival mode. If you could pray that God takes the anxious feeling alway and that I can be secure in knowing that my future is in the palms of his hands because all things work together for the good of those who love him. Amen...... thanks in advance.
  • School

    Our small private school is struggling to keep our doors open. Enrollment this year is at an all time low. Finances are stretched for both the school and the families who bring their students to our classrooms. Our enemy, satan, is working overtime to thwart our efforts to share Jesus with our students and community. In the next few weeks tough decisions must be made. Without more students our program must change, must be whittled down to bare bones for this year. And we face the possibility of closing our doors at the end of the year. We know that God has a plan and we pray for the faith to trust that He is working in this situation and wisdom to to follow Him wherever He leads.
  • Pray for the all firefighters

    I want pray for all firefighters who are fighting the fires all over I want to pray my friend Holly Woods and her family
  • My Brother In Law Mike

    Tomorrow morning (8/31/17) my brother in law is having exploratory on his stomach artery's. Please lift him up in prayer that all goes well.
  • Family Struggles

    My husband was sent to jail and my family is struggling. I pray for my husband to learn more and accept Jesus. I work nights and I have young children. We need a miracle. I just want a second chance for my family. Please pray for us to feel God's presence and protection in our lives.
  • Giving Up

    I feel like giving up. I feel like God has forgotten me and He has no husband for me. I feel like there is nothing to look forward to in my life, my future. I feel like the best is never coming. I feel like God is ignoring my prayers for a husband and doesn't see all the tears that I cry. I am so lonely and need a man in my life. I need my best friend and lifetime partner so much. I desire to be a wife so much. No man wants me. I feel like no man will ever pick me as their wife. I guess I must not be good enough for any man to want me as their wife. I must be ugly, invisible and not beautiful enough.
  • demons, generational curses, finances

    I would like to ask you to pray that God would bless me with a spirit of a sound mind.. That God would heal my soul.. That God would stop the demons from attacking me.. "nightmares".. That I would be with the one I love, come up with the money for us to be together.. I am searching for a new job, that God would open doors for me to find the right one.. That I would turn from sin.. I hope that God would bless all his children here.. Amen.. May Gods blessings be poured out on each of us.. thank you.. take care