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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Anxiety and fear

    I have anxiety rising up in me again . I fear I might become evil , and I don't want that fear to ruin my life . I have done nothing wrong , but when I watch the news or hear of bad things happening I hope that I will never become a person like that . I need prayers please help
  • home

    Thank you for praying for a buyer for our home. My daughter and her three children ad myself, hope to move closer to her sister, where we could all have the support of each other. I know God has the perfect plan.
    God bless!!
  • Relationship

    Hi, normally i am a very private person. I do not like to share my personal lives with any one really but i listen to positive life radio devotedly and i have hear testimonies of God's grace and love. I am with a man who has not sold out to the Lord, our past are so completely different that i sometimes have no words to relate to him. I do know that i love and adore this man but his life needs to completely change not only for us but for himself to be free and live a healthy life for Christ. I am 2 years in this mess and i finally need to let go and let God work. My prayer request is that i am strong enough to do so, and that i too become totally free of my past hurts and live to be the women God so faithfuly intended for me to be. Thank you for all your prayers.
  • I Want To Say Thank You For Your Prayers

    So many of us struggling in life and not knowing which way to turn. I am so grateful to Positive Life Radio to have a place we can come and pray for each other. Thank You To All Of You For Your Prayers and I Will Keep Praying For All Of You.

    Thank You Again
    Guy Wilks
  • children's salvation

    My son had turned away from God a few years back. He is trying to get on a better path then he has been, but still does not have God in his life. My daughter is now questioning if she really believes in God or not. She has been through a lot the last few years. He believes that God doesn't love her. Please pray that Gods love with fill her heart in great abundance and that He will put a great desire within her to search out His Word and accept His Word. Please pray that she will see herself the way God sees her knowing that God is still good and He loves her through it all. For my son, please pray that God will break every chain that binds him and set him free. That he will walk in a way that please God, loving Him all the days of his life. Please pray for my children to accept and receive the salvation that has been given to them through Jesus Christ.
  • Family

    I am struggling to be accepted into my husband's family. Please pray that the Lord will work in all our heard so that there is no more fighting and they make a place for me in their family as an equal or that I may learn to accept there will be no place for me and I can just forgive them and move on in my life with the family that does love me. Thank you for your prayers. I am hoping for a miracle.
  • Housing

    My friend Jennifer in Ireland is trying to get permission to build on her widowed father's land so she can be close as he ages. She was originally denied a permit, however since asking for prayer it is no longer a form no. Please continue to pray she is approved to build on her father's land. Thank you in advance for your continued support in prayer!
  • Doctor found a benign tumor on my mom

    Today I took my to the hospital as she has been complaining about difficulties in swallowing, blood blisters and a change in her voice for about 3 years. Every time she would go to the hospital they would tell her it's allergies but today we took her to a physician who finally give a diagnosis of a tumor on her oesophagus. As you can imagine this is devastating to us as a family and scary. However, if y'all can pray for healing and that during the biopsy the mass/tumor is not anything more that will be appropriated. If you can also pray for my family to be faithful and trust God through this storm as it only such because by Jesus stripes she is healed. I will greatly appreciate it.
  • Graduatingj Son

    My son is graduating in June. He is very, very confused in his life about future plans. Please pray for direction. This is causing a large amount of stress. He also has an upcoming medical test, the second one, and we have been praying for a miracle. Please pray for a normal result. Thank you for your prayers, I'm grateful.
  • Marriage Prison and Christ

    Our battle is intensely difficult. I am the wife of a wonderful husband who in his trial, pain, and affliction has devoted his time to serving the Lord within the darkness of prison walls. He has truly fallen in love with Christ. He lives by every promise and fears the Lord. In this experience we have both encountered the many human rights violations within prisons. My husband will be returning as a preacher for Christ upon his release. Our prayer request is simple, that the Lord have his way in our lives. That the enemy flee from our path. We are strongly requesting that our brothers and sisters in Christ join us in this painful battle. We ask that God have his way in every aspect of our lives so that we can serve him in truth.