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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Unwanted desires


    I would like prayer that I can overcome ungodly thoughts and desires. I don't want to be tempted into keep giving in to my lust. I want to be an overcomer. I struggle with unwanted same sex attraction.

  • Thanks for praying!

    Thank you to those of you for praying for my dog!!! The Lord had me thank Him in faith that He would help me and guide me through what to do for my dog and not having the money for the emergency clinic. I was crying in the bathroom, brushing my teeth after sending out my PLR prayer request and getting ready to go to the clinic when I obeyed Him and thanked Him. Right after I did that, my dog had come out of his kennel and walked to the bathroom and was licking my leg. He is doing great every day, eating and defecating and walking around like his old self. Later, I will take him to his regular vet for xrays just to make sure but I am so grateful to the Lord and you all! Thanks also to the sweet soul who sent me a personal email! It meant so much!!!! God Bless!!
  • having trouble in merriage

    My husband and I are having trouble in our merriage I just don't want to loose him we have 3 children's please pray for us. Thank you
  • Prayer for various family needs

    Please pray that the Lord will guide, provide, and give wisdom to our family. Job for myself and college-aged son, salvation for daughter's fiance & open door for us to talk to his mother. We have made attempts that have been ignored so far....
  • prayer for daughter

    Hello. Please pray for the safety and health of my daughter and her girlfriend while traveling and abroad during the next 3.5 weeks until mid April. Thank you for caring and praying. God honors and answers our prayers.
  • prescription drug addiction

    My husband has a prescription drug addiction that has completely changed him. He wants nothing to do with the Lord, won't go to church any more or pray. Please pray
  • 18 people missing in mudslide outside of seattle

    I am lifting up the 18 missing people in the mudslide outside of Seattle, WA. The rescuers could hear their cries but it was too dangerous to try and rescues them and also for those rescued, in the hospital and families of the missing and deceased. Also, they have lost a lot of homes. In Jesus precious name I am praying for their deliverance, healing and protection and for God to supply their needs and for safety for the rescuers amen!!
  • Nephew's Car Accident

    Please join me in prayer for my brother's son, John. He was in a car accident and has a serious head trauma. He is in surgery right now. Please God, sustain the family during this trial.
  • Please Pray

    Hello, Forgive me for asking for prayer for my dog but he is all I have left after escaping an abusive ex-husband. I don't have a lot of money right now but all of a sudden my dog is screaming when I pick him up. I think it is a sprain but don't know so I am asking God to heal him or keep him comfortable till I can go to the vet Monday. I can't afford emergency clinic. I know God cares about us and our pets. He is only 4 years old and I love him so much.
  • Prayer for son's job situation

    I'd like to request prayer for my two sons---one to have energy to keep up his weekend job, along with his stressful school load and for the other son to get the job he recently applied for. Thanks for praying!