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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Grandson to STAY with US,,, and to STOP HITTING, using PROFANITY

    URGENT PRAYER for our GRANDSON who LIVES with US along with our DAUGHTER, She's EXTREMELY UNSTABLE and VERBALLY and MENTALLY ABUSIVE towards HIM,, He's ONLY 4 years old, is becoming OUT of CONTROL with HITTING and using PROFANITY ,, Please PRAY for ALL STRONGHOLDS REMOVED, from HIM, Please PRAY for DIVINE RESTORATION and PEACE
    . HE'S TEARING our FAMILY apart,
  • Job

    I've been praying for months for a job with a certain company! They called tonight! I have interveiw Mon!!! God is so good! He answers prayer in his perfect time! Praying all goes well and I get the job!!
  • work

    I put in my two weeks notice at work.. And I only had a couple days to go.. And my boss asked me to stay.. She offered me better hours.. But not as many.. I told her I would give it a try.. Now I am sorry I did, truthfully.. I have not been happy at this place for a long time.. I need prayers that I would make the right choice.. That God would help me.. I am still having really bad anxiety.. And I am starting to feel like an angry person.. I am worn out.. My body hurts, my soul hurts.. And it has been that way a long time.. I am running out of strength to fight this battle.. I am not sure moving on is going to change anything.. I realize that.. I need the money.. Thanks for your prayers.. God bless everyone
  • anxiety

    Could somebody please say a prayer ? My anxiety has been really bad.. Thank you
  • Our sister in Christ is disappointed in faith

    My good friend, Nadya is disappointed in faith. She is disappointed in Christ, and wouldn't pray, not read the Bible. Friends, pray about her, please. So sorry to look as of God is losting a faith.
  • I need a job!

    I have all I need to be an ambulance driver and I’ve been wanting the job for 4 years it just hasn’t worked out based on how often I’ve had to move. I have a small amount of experience as an EMT but I want so much more experience. Please pray for favor that I can get the job this summer!!! Thank you!
  • My daughter

    Hello, I am asking prayer for my 13 year old daughter, I just don't know where to turn to get her the help that she needs. This past year has been a major struggle for her with anorexia and thoughts of suicide. She has been admitted to the hospital a couple of times and is currently home but still struggling with wanting to live. I just pray that she has the strength to get though this and live the life that was intended for her.
  • SOS

    I need direction, answers, a financial miracle and physical healing. People need to know things from me. Please God, send in the cavalry.
  • Family Friend's Cancer

    One of my family friends has cancer, and it's been causing many troubles lately. If she could receive prayers, it would be wonderful. Thank you.
  • Lord, I Call for Your promises

    Please pray that our Lord will grant me His promises and reconcile Amy and I as He has instructed us to do per His Holy Word. Thank you for your prayers....