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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • standing in faith with me....

    Prayer Warriors, stand in faith with me today, that "WE" wholeheartedly trust in the Lord to provide a "save and affordable" home for my children and I to move to. My lease is coming to an end, which is a very nice home, only the price range as a single mom is not doable. I am TRUSTING in a place here in Post Falls at the end of May.
    Blessings, Laura B
  • standing in faith with me....

    Prayer Warriors, stand in faith with me today, that "WE" wholeheartedly trust in the Lord to provide a "save and affordable" home for my children and I to move to... I'm giving my notice to vacate which is a very nice area but only the Lord knows its way out of my price range as a single mom, I will be needing a place here in Post Falls at the end of May.
    Blessings, Laura
  • self-harm, anxiety

    Hi, please pray that I can work through self-harm issues and the anxiety that worsens it. I have been a cutter for over 20 years and even though I have been able to control it to a certain degree, it is still a big issue and the past few months have brought even more because of it. I reached out for help during a cutting episode (something I have never done)...the incident ended up on the news (my name was not mentioned, but I stepped forward and wanted to try to reach others and let them know there was a way to reach out for help.) I have been put in police protective custody a few times in the past 2 months. I have things from my past I still need to work through (raped twice - last one ended with a baby; abusive relationship; more). I recently found a group of people I can trust and talk to, but I am reaching further out and hoping others will be willing to pray and help! Thank you!
  • Family Issues

    for J 2 B free of drug addictions,asthma,allergies & that he does well in his college classes & serves the Lord. 4 my healing of cancer & a persistent cough & swollen thyroid glands.Please pray for my husband 2 B strong & healed of diabetes. Also we have some properties we need to sell as we cannot afford them & a man who got us involved in all this lied to us.Now this is affecting our credit.We have a house in DP, but we came here becuz my parents were dying & so L moved into our house & now she will not move out even tho she has another house. We are struggling, but we still serve the Lord.My husband has a "friend" who has taken advantage of us & continues to do so. 4 D 2 find a permanent job as he is struggling & does not have a house. 4 my brother R who is always provoking strife in the family.
  • request for healing

    Please pray for my 15 year old neighbor girl. She is sick with something that the doctors have not been able to diagnose. Tonight she is back on the hospital. Please pray for answers to her illness, a cure for whatever it is to have her health restored. Please pray for her parents and siblings.
  • asking for God's protection

    Please pray for me for God's protection , I feel like the enemy (the devil )will do bad things for me.I will teach tomorrow in our Bible studies about crucifixion.Last night when I was driving home, I did not notice the hard ice in the road while I was in the expressway.It was scary ,Praise God I was safe but I felt inside my car the hard ice when I hit it.It's good my car did not crash.This morning while I'm driving going to work someone push my car from behind I have no place to go because there is car in front of me.Praise God for God's protection as well.So I am writing to all of you to say a prayer for me for God's protection as I preach the Word tomorrow may the Lord protect me from the work of the enemy.Thank you and may God bless you.
  • Depressed

    I've never felt more alone or depressed. So many problems and I can't find the solutions and I keep praying. Thanks for any prayers
  • Stomach flu

    There is a nasty bug going around.. I just spent the day with my neighbor in the hospital.. She is 82.. She has been having dizziness and vomiting.. I would like to ask prayer for her.. She is very sick.. And that nobody else gets sick.. Thank you.. God bless
  • attempted suicide

    Please pray for my nephew David, who's been airlifted to a hospital after an attempted suicide this morning. I have no other information on his condition. Also asking for payers for his family, especially his mother. Thank you and God bless.
  • We need a miracle

    We're trying to adopt a baby boy. Everything that could go wrong, has. In our hearts, he's our son. Unfortunately foster parents have no say, no rights, no legal representation. We're not even considered an "interested party" to the case. After 2 yrs a new social worker is treating it like a brand new case. You can't start a child's life over. Especially one who has special needs. He's bonded with us, is now thriving and making wonderful progress. Every doctor, therapist, and teacher who works with him, has sent letters to CPS, stating that it would be permanently damaging to move him again. The bio-parents are clearly not fit. A judge will decide next week. Pray they will let us adopt him.