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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Healing and Restoration

    Please pray for me. I've been very busy with church and had huge anxiety over a relationship and my future that my health took a toll. Specifically my period went dry. Feeling very sick in my stomach. Please pray for healing and restoration.
  • Thanks!

    Continued prayers requested for my phantom pain in leg. Thanks for the prayers for previous problems. The Prayers really help. I am thankful for every day without pain. The pain usually leaves after a few hours. Sometimes immediately after people pray for me. Thanks!
  • run away

    my daughter adopted a young girl 7 yrs ago who was born with fetal alcohol syndrome. She is now 14 but mentally more like a 7 to 8 year old, she got in with the wrong friends and ran away. she has been gone two weeks and no one has heard from her, Please support us in prayer for her safe return.
  • job opportunity

    need prayer for a possible new job(just had interview today). need this job for health and family reasons! much appreciated!
  • Conviction over sin

    Pls pray the Lord will convict our daughter & her fiancé about their fornication
  • Wisdom & peace for me

    I'm weary over a situation with our daughter. Need strength & peace
  • Husband willing to do Lord's will

    Pls pray the Lord will impress upon my husband the need to talk again with our daughter's fiance about his unwillingness to marry out daughter despite them having a child together but he just wants to keep living together. My husband has given up
  • job applications

    my paycheck from my employer could not be cashed because there was no money in the payroll account. This is the second time this has happened to me with this employer. I have applied for many positions in my city from bank teller to para educator. Please pray I find a job and a employer who will pay me. I just purchased a house and I am stressing out because now I have home ownership bills to pay and my children to feed. Please pray the Lord opens doors for the perfect employment for me. thank you very much for praying for me.
  • Healing..!!

    Thank you very much for your prayers for my sister Aileen for her successful surgery for aneurism.. I am asking you now to pray for her recovery, with no other complications... Thank you very much for your prayers..!!! May Our Father God Bless You All..!!!
  • Phantom pain in leg

    Help!please send prayers thanks!