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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • rice for cambodia

    I feel like God is calling me to help in the rice for cambodia campaign. I need to know what my next move is supposed to be. Hoping this is it.
  • Prayer wanted for daughter

    Our daughter used to want the Lord in her life but since she got involved sexually with an unbeliever his views have changed her. She still wants to see us but she only believes in science now she says. She is 22 & lives with her bf & their 2 yr old

    I'm having issues in both my personal life and at work. I want to place it God's hands.
  • My MIL's car

    Please help me pray for my MIL's vehicle. It's having serious problems and she needs it in her line of work. After putting a significant amount of money into it, we found the mechanic misrepresented the vehicle and the money would have been better spent buying another vehicle. We're running out of options. Trusting God for a miracle. Thank you for your prayers.
  • healing and help

    I am 53 and a carer for my mum aged 92. I have no friends or husband or brothers or sisters. our finances have gone down and we are in debt. Our neighbours Jackie and alan called the police on us many times. They tried to get someone to hurt us, they caused damage to our house and cost us so much money. They lied about us and turned people against us My boyfriend, paul, is so nasty to me and charges me for everything. I have no one to help and so desperate. I have had so much go wrong from so many areas. I wonder if there are any curses operating. I cried to God so many times, but no answer. I need help in all areas. My Mum, ellen, is 92 on 2/9/2015. We are in financial need. I am so stressed and grinding my teeth in my sleep and damaging my teeth.
    I need release from all stress and pain. Please pray for God's intervention.
  • Prayer request

    Needing prayer for healing and divine guidance and direction. At a crossroads. Thank you and God bless all of you.
  • peace, courage and stability

    Recently separated from spouse of 25+years - marriage had become increasingly unhealthy, spiritually weakening - I am struggling emotionally and financially - fighting behavioral addictions with the Lord's help and family support. Daughter has chronic illness/pain and medication on one income will be a challenge - pray that I feel the Lord's love and support surrounding me, that my husband and children feel it as well. Bless this as a time of growth and healing for all of us. May support appear from unexpected resources - I know the Lord's plans for me - to prosper me and make me happy...
    Peace be with you.
  • Thanks for prayers

    Thanks for the prayers about my right leg. The pain left in about an hour. Shortly after I posted at 3.33 pm on 7/17. Also, for my friend Barbara she is doing better! Thanks!
  • Thank You For All Your Prayers

    Just wanted to say thank you for all your prayers. Went to the doctor on Tuesday ,, he told me my one Kidney is doing great , My liver has rebuilt it self from all the years of drinking , been clean from drugs and alcohol for over 16 yrs. My blood pressure is down. All of this is God's Blessings. But I keep asking God to give me a young lady I can share my life with. I am done being single. I am also very tired of my job , the put downs , the slams , the insults . I don't know what God has in store for me ,, but I just want to be happy. I know there is more people out in this world that have a lot worse problems then I do and I pray God helps them in some way. Be with us Lord and Help us Lord.

    A Men
  • addiction

    Please pray for me and others trapped in this terrible disease..always thought I would be the last person to fall for Satans scemes but no I need the shelter of the Lord and your prayers for God to change my heart, soul, and mind..Thankyou.