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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Finances

    I feel that God has lead me to start a private practice in counseling. My business has been slower than I expected and I am almost out of savings. Please pray that I will have the clients I need. Thank you.
  • Granddaughter in Loveland, Colorado

    Probation hearing tomorrow has done well staying clean but out of a job and behind in her payments. I know she feels despair but I trust God with her every day and know putting her back in jail is not solution but she needs to stand up for her responsibility towards this debt she needs 2000 to be caught up Jesus has the answer praying she will call out or find right place to go for help. In Jesus name Amen
  • 1st home purchase

    Please pray for God to bless our family with a house we can call our home and that it can be a blessing to us.
    Thank you
  • God will

    Please prayer for me I had brain surgery in 2013 and I loss Grandmas in 2006 pass away when I was 17 year old My brother in law Rap me and sister who was married to him she don't want any things to do with me I don't like to talk about it with family My heart is broken in side of me hurt also if someone can email me that would be great keep me in your prayer