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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • my son

    My 2 yr old son has to undergo anesthesia to have an endoscopy and a biopsy of his stomach lining im sending out this prayer request for the surgery to go well and for him to heal quickly. In Jesus name Amen
  • Weight loss

    I need to lose thirty pounds please pray I lose weight and make wise food choices
    My dr says my weight is causing health issues I joined a gym and weight watchers in Jesus name I pray
    That I lose thirty pounds before September
  • Stress

    I keep making mistakes at work and I'm getting into trouble
    I have gallbladder stones pain. Please pray for job
    Security. As a single mom to six I need this job
    I don't have friends and my ex is getting married I'm stressed
    Out and alone.
  • Prayer

    Please would you pray for my girlfriend aida and myself fritz that our relationship and love for each other goes according to God's plan and is a huge testimony
    Please would you pray for my business and finances that they prosper

    Thank you

    God bless
  • Healing and restoration

    Please pray for my husband. He has aspergers, and has struggled his whole life. I'm praying for every lie to be exposed. For God's overwhelming truth to be made known to my Larry. Please join me in prayer, and lift him up to the one true healer, our creator, our teacher, our father. And please pray for me as well, I need a mighty, mighty strength to live my life with this man. He is for me and I am for him, I have no doubt in this. But these struggles make me weary, all the way down to my bones. I need prayer for strength, for endurance. I pray the Holy Spirit will show me how to love Larry the way Jesus loves him.
  • Various Prayer Requests

    1-Pray my mother's blood sugar level is normal and for her to be healed of type 2 diabetes. Also, pray she has no side effects from medication and handles stress well. 2-Pray my father is healed of prostate cancer and parkinsons disease. Also, pray he has good mobility, has energy and sleeps straight thru in the night. 3-Pray a confidential need of mine is met.
  • Healing for me

    I need a touch from the Lord. I struggle in my walk with the Lord. I need a healing in my mind and emotions.
  • God to help me with mental health and a relationship

    It is hard for me to admit but my mental health is pretty bad still and I have asked several times for God to bring a girl into my life and I started falling hard for the first girl that gave me some attention and was giving me signals that I had interest in, I didn't realize though she actually had a BF and may have been a flirt, I am not totally sure, her dad died a few years ago and I think she is confused about her relationship with her BF....I think God might be showing me she is not the one and I need to move on but I feel hurt. I pray God helps me with my faith and I do want to get married someday but it doesn't seem to be happening, I should praise God though he has brought me through a lot, I pray God helps me to be more mentally stable as well. God Bless everyone...
  • Help

    Please PRAY for our SON to get a NEW CELL PHONE or Slightly USED..,. PRAY for HELP, FAVOR..... We Don't have any EXTRA ! MONEY......To HELP HIM out...
  • please pray for my child

    my daughter was molested and i am praying for her healing and for God to show me what to do to help her. we are so heartbroken! i saw the person who left a prayer request for kidney problems and i prayed for her all day. thank you