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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Girl cousins to desire friendship

    Daughter moved into our area recently. Walk with Lord practically non-existent & has Christian cousins here (girls) that she has reached out to. They are polite but too busy for her. Daughter lonely & needs good godly friend
  • Daughter & sister need Lord's help

    Both need Lord to help/intervene with their custody & visitation situations. Daughter also needs Lord to open her eyes to necessity for more wisdom/godliness with who she forms friendships with. Vulnerable due to loneliness
  • Feeling lost

    I am at a point and I feel like there is no hope for me. I pray and pray and pray. It doesn't seem no one wants to reach out to me. No one seems to want to be around me. Here I stand alone and I pray. I cant think of things , all I see and feel is sadness surrounding me. I have a half brother that doesn't want anything to do with me. I have asked for forgiveness. A mother I have repulsively asked for forgiveness. Just to be dismissed as nothing. How does one cope?It's affecting my every day life, and how I live.. I pray and pray, but if praying doesn't do enough, is there any hope out there? Or Is this my faith and the steps I need to accept and walk alone.I am not sure what to do ? Any help appreciated...
  • betrayed

    My boyfriend of nine ye ars got another girl pregnant. I just want to die. Please pray for strength to move on. I'm so lost now I need help
  • Daughter needs friend in new town

    Pls pray our 23 yr old can cultivate a strong Christian friend here soon !
  • Colonoscopy

    Please pray for my sister in law Martha's colonoscopy results. That they all comes back negative. She is having it done on October 8th. ***SHE IS CANCER FREE IN JESUS NAME!!!!*** Thank you all and God Bless!!!! Ron
  • India Mission Trip

    I am apart of a team heading to India this November 17-Dec 3 to build houses through The Fuller Center. Please be praying for financial provision/ visa process the team, as God prepares our hearts.

    I can't apply for my visa until my plane ticket is purchased, I will need approximately $1,400 (running price as of now) for my plane ticket & $ 500 for other expenses. Praying for The Lords will to be done. He will provide!
  • Fear Stronghold

    Please pray for me. I am living a life of constant fear of punishment and failure. I've tried to talk myself out of it. I've prayed but it's still all there. Please pray for me for the Lord to set me free and help my relationships to blossom and for me not to be afraid of men. Thank you
  • Road Rage this am

    Please pray for me and the other person who was trying to scare me this am. IT was a ROAD Rage and I am scared driving back home. Not sure what I did to him/her but please pray GOD got control of the situation. Please pray for all drivers. I feel like I am going to die... :( I am shaken and scared

    Thank you
  • Prayer For Healing

    I was told I am loosing my hearing and now there is so much noise in my ears
    it makes it really hard to hear people. Please Lord Help Me.

    Thank You For Your Prayers