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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Daughter change heart

    Please pray she changes her mind about new boyfriend & wants to serve Lord instead...will be tired of her sin TONIGHT
  • My Moms Got A Kideny Infection

    It would help if there is anybody out there who would prey for me and my mother because we would really appreciate all the help we can get from anyone that's out there to help
  • Boyfriend

    My boyfriend hurt his back a couple of weeks ago at work, his back isn't healing as quickly as he liked, also we want to go to winter jam and I ask that everything will go well and that he will be filled with Jesus's touch in his heart. Thank you.
  • Healing

    Please pray for my 4-month old nephew Dylan. He has viruses attacking his brain and lungs. Please pray for his parents in this difficult time.
  • Husband job & family needs

    Need Lord to make final decision through the people he's interviewed with. Decision will affect where we live & grandson needs our help. Husband concerned too
  • Asking For God's Help

    I get to see my daughters and grandchildren once or twice a year. I have never got to spend Thanksgiving or Christmas with them. This year I am planning a trip down to see them on Thanksgiving. I am trying to save money and trying to get the car ready for safe travel but struggling hard. The money is so tight right now. I am just asking for prayer to see what God says in this and see if I can get some help with the money and guidance . Thank You for your prayers and my God be with us all in our needs.

  • Please pray for healing for Klare, her mother Stephie, and her great Grandmother May

    Klare is an 11 year old diabetic that has just been taken to Sacred Heart Hospital due to dehydration from the flu and very high blood sugar. Her mother Stephie is ill as well. Her Great Grandmother May is also in poor health, awaiting a new hip while trying to endure horrible debilitating pain. Thank you for your prayers for them. God bless you.
  • My daughter's marriage

    Thank you your prayers! My daughter and son in-law have decided to keep fighting for their marriage. Please contunue praying so they make God their guide.
  • Lost friend

    I have asked for prayer on here before on this subject and for this person I just feel like it would be good to get the most support possible, his name is Eric and he says he's part of the occult satanist group. I have grown to like him because he is funny and I can see that deep down inside he is a good person. Please pray that he finds God, learns to love him with all of his heart and starts to obey his commands.
  • Family Healing

    I have been married to the father of my two young children for 3 years. During this time we have split up and reunited at least 4 times, our family is in need of healing due to these break-ups and the issues surrounding them. He is not a professed believer but seems open to the Holy Spirit. I pray he finds a way out of his marijuana addiction. At times he is verbally abusive to myself and our son and physically to our son sometimes. I need prayer to stay inline with Christ and do the right thing, whatever God's will is. Thank You and Blessings of Love.