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Prayer Center

Prayer Center

    I was in a horrible mood yesterday. Feeling down about my job. Came onto PLR, put in my prayers request. Right after the noon hour, I started feeling better. My mood turned around and I asked God to forgive me. He told me " I get to come to work" NOT I have to come to work. So today, I woke up and said " I get to go to work, thank you lord. " Thank you everyone for praying for me.
  • My daughter Andi Nast

    On Oct 6, 2017 my daughter's husband passed away from ALS and I had to walk away because of wrong influences Andrea has exposed herself too. I ask that daily God keep his hedge of thorns around her and son Anthony, grateful her son was not there when Priestess or whatever she performed. I lift Andrea up as she looks for work, as a claim he won when injured on job and Washington L&I typical has refused to pay back pay and his illness diagnosed after the claim has no bearing but my daughter did 24/7 care of her husband and is now penniless. God has sent her sister in-law who has graciously covered her rent for November but this cannot go on as Andrea needs to get ducks in a row and seek what God would have her do as she gets stronger by troubles she is going through. In Jesus name, Amen.
  • Anxiety about my job

    I recently quit my job that was mentally tearing me apart. I stepped out in faith that God wanted me to leave. I have peace that what I did was from Him. I’m now building my own practice and it’s going VERY slow. I know that if this is His will, He will provide. I’m having a bad day and full of doubt. The bills are pouring in and I’ll be out of money soon. I need patients for my practice or a word from God on what to do next. Thank you and God bless!
  • Friend

    Can you please pray for a friend's daughter? She has been looking for work for some time now and has been unable to find anything. She has gone in for several interviews, only to be told that the position was given to someone else. She is struggling to not become discouraged.
  • Prayer For Healing

    I just prayed for Brianna! For healing, comfort, wisdom for the doctors. Can you please pray for my 17-year-old son, Trey? He developed ulcer(s) or sores of some kind on his cornea. At first, there was only one and they thought it was an abrasion or bacterial so they prescribed an antibiotic. But now there is another one and inflammation appearing as well. They now believe it is viral keratitis and prescribed an antiviral both exterior and internally. No one really knows why, but God does and we know He is our healer. Please pray for healing for Trey and that it leaves his body to NEVER RETURN. You are such a blessing to me and my family on the air every day. I will continue to lift up your ministry to prayer every day and financially support as much as we can. Love to you all!
  • Healing

    I need healing or for God to bring the money to see a specialist so I can have a surgery I desperately need. It's getting so painful to do anything, sleeping, eating, breathing etc. Please keep me in your prayers.
  • Bad mood

    Started my new job duty today. The demotion, and of duties no one else wants. I find myself in a horrible mood. I don't want to feel like this. I know God is in control. Please Lord, help me get over this unfair treatment and just be able to move past this horrible mood. I can not do this on my own. Am just flat out pissed off on how I get treated at my job. Please , Please send prayers, this is not me.
  • Death of a loved one

    Please pray for Debbie's family. May she rest in peace. And for her family and friends that they may find understanding and healing in this time of mourning.
  • diagnosis, treatment and healing

    Please pray for Joy, a young mom. She has gotten progressively weaker and the doctors haven't determined why. She is having difficulty talking, eating and walking. She is undergoing more testing tonight and may be transferred to a larger hospital. Her daughter is especially worried.

    Thank you.
  • LOSING my Job while being in huge debt

    Please help me. I'm only 20. Satan been working really hard with me this year. If someone would love to hear what been happening to me this year and help me, please feel free to ask me and now I have something new happening.

    I been struggling trying to earn as much money as I can to pay off my debt and be able to have money to pay for college once I pay everything off. I really want to pay off my debt by the end of this year and with the job that I have I can see and have faith that it will work. BUT BUT recently I did something I didn't realized was illegal and they are planning on terminating me :'( . I am waiting till it is business hour so I could give the representative a call which will be on Monday morning. I'm so worried I will lose this job completely. I was about to become a manager and now I'm scared it will all be gone. MAY GOD LET A MIRACLE HAPPEN. I'm too broken