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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • drugs

    Please pray for my older son to overcome durg addiction. He has a son, and he is going through a rough time righ now. He gets discouraged because he wants to change, and whe he relapses he gets very depressed. Please pray for him, so he can give his heart to God.
  • Home for Boys

    God has put something on the hearts of my family to start a Christian home for boys. We want to call it New Beginnings Christian Home for Boys and teach them the love of Jesus and to show them discipline and love. How to work through their problems instead of hurting others with their hurt. We have an idea of it being a ranch-like place so that there is room to run around. We want it to be a God-dependent lifestyle. Provide the boys who are in the foster system and those who don't have a place to stay a home until they can find their way.

    I would appreciate prayer support in this and some possible suggestions in how to get started.
  • Prayers for my daughter

    I feel selfish when i ask for prayer, but i am going to ask anyways! Tomorrow is my daughter Daelie's 9th birthday. She is in a situation where she is being kept away from me by her biological dad. It has been quite sometime since i have seen or even talked to her. God has given me much peace about his will for her, however around her birthday and holidays i struggle with a very heavy heart.... I can't understand why God is still allowing this situation, it is bad... however i am thankful for it because i have come to Christ through it. Her father is not a Christian or a man of any faith at all & maybe that is why God continues to allow this... Please say a prayer for a little girl who is in a very dark place and maybe one day God's will will allow me to return the favor to her and bring her to Jesus! Thank you and God Bless you!
  • My family

    My daughters father and I need prayers. Please help us by praying we can give our lives to Jesus and through that be able to make it through these hard times. I am unhappy but love him very much. Please pray for God to enter our lives and save us before I decide to leave this wonderful man who suffers from commitment issues and me who is insecure. We need Jesus. Thank you. May God bless you all
  • Why Lord?

    I want to be a mom and a wife. I want to make a difference in this world. For the past decade I have been in severe pain and have mostly spent my days indoors fighting pain and migraines. I don't know what my purpose is but the older I get, the more despair I feel. I watch my cousins and friends have a life with a family and kids. I am not invited to this life and I just want to know why.
  • Home

    We are living with family and asking God for a home if our own.
  • My Family

    My Wife and I are currently separated right now and we have 5 children and a whole lot of hurt pain and suffering has happened to us and just need a little extra help from god to soften hearts, lessen pain and bring us back to a family again.
  • Move or income

    This is a great place and I always appreciate all the prayers! I need God to do a miracle. I need to either move, be provided a place to live and help to move or I need better income. I can't see either happening for many reasons but know God can and does move mountains. The stress from all of this has taken its toll on my health. I am praying for healing too for the damage the stress has done to my health.
  • Prayer for my husband

    Chuck went through his biopsy with no problems. The Radiologist told Chuck that the mass is not as big as some he has seen and that it is in a location, that if the surgeon suggests an operation after he sees that Lab results, it is in an area that is not as complicated to get to. Please continue to pray that God will take care of the prognosis, that the mass is not malignant. My God is bigger than anything and that is how we are looking at this. Please pray for Chuck’s concerns. He loves the Lord, but he said that he is a little scared of what the results may be. I am continuing to tell him that God can take care all of this. I know that my God is the Healer of all and that He is no respecter of persons and since He healed those that called on Him when He walked the earth, He will take care of Chuck.
  • Prayer for peace, strength and joy

    I would like to request prayer for myself as I am going through a difficult time in my life with several situations and need strength to get through it, peace to replace my worry, and joy to replace my sadness. I believe there is strength in numbers of prayers, so I would appreciate your prayers as I am going thru this difficult time in my life. God Bless.....