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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Christmas musical actor

    My daughter has written a Christmas musical called "The Quest" to be performed here in Walla Walla, Dec. 22 and 23 and is having a tough time finding a young male actor that can sing to fulfill the role. This is a play about 4 wise men finding and experiencing God as they search for baby Jesus. Please pray that God will lead the right person to her. We are only two weeks away and we feel an urgency to find someone. She has asked hundreds of people. I know this musical is going to touch people lives.
  • Protection

    Please pray for the families in California that have been evacuated.
  • Healing

    My friend has a broken leg. It is his thigh, the big leg bone.
  • anxiety

    I need God's healing for anxiety. Also pray that we would sell our house in the Spring and find something without alot of repairs. All my savings have gone into this one.
    God bless you every one.
  • Grandson

    Please pray for healing for my 8 y/o Grandson's broken arm. It is very painful.

    thank you
  • Drug addiction

    My son is currently struggling with addiction and has fallen away from the Lord. Please pray for God to set him free and that He will come into my sons heart. I ask for wisdom and strength for myself as well as his mom. It has been a very heart breaking two years with him, I have almost lost him to attempted suicide many times as well
  • My dog

    I just found a growth in my dog's mouth. This dog means the world to me and he is my only friend. Please pray that God will heal him either through a vet or by his touch. I can't take much more of this. I am having a mental decline.
  • work and work anxiety

    Please pray that I would not live in fear.. That I would find a job I enjoy.. I have not heard from voc rehab in over two weeks.. They were supposed to help me.. I have so much anxiety going to my job, it is unbearable.. It is not that I am so afraid to be there.. It is just the amount of work.. My car broke down once again.. And cost me a thousand dollars.. I can't seem to get ahead.. I need to work.. I can't just quit.. I need the money.. I am sorry to sound like a broken record.. I need Gods help.. Thank you
  • Attorney

    Please pray that the attorney will do the right thing. He is a Christian and what he is trying to do is unethical and not in the best interest of the client.
  • Prayer to o be saved

    Please lift up Ruth and her loved ones to be in the Lord's hands and that she is drawn to and receives Jesus, that she is saved and delivered forever.