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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • work issues

    Prayers that I do not loose my needed job or health benefits for my chronic condition. Pray that the back stabbing will stop from the person I trained to cover my job who now wants it and is taking credit for things they did not do. Also pray my boss who is friends with the person would stop being influenced and rude to me. I pray for wisdom to know how to proceed and what to say and do in approaching this as I get so nervous or leave it alone to let God handle.
  • Work hrs for daughter

    Pls pray our daughter get hours that are best for her to be home during the day when her son is awake. She works at a hotel/restaurant. Also for her fiancé to flow through in marriage & training so he can be man God wants him to be
  • In Surgery

    Nephew is going into surgery right now to donate his kidney. Pray that the operation goes well and that the women that receives it is healed.
  • A friend who has cancer

    Please be praying for a young gal name Heidi, she is battling cancer, she has 5 children and 5 grandchildren, she has done chemo and her doctor told her that to give up and go home and die, Its times to kick Satan in the but and put Satan down, no more will Satan hurt his children. Her heart is at 22 percent, and she is willing to do natural. Please be praying that God will and do a Miracle for this beautiful daughter. Will you rise with me and stomped Satan out of this earth? I have a blog for her to support encouragement, I truly believe that believers need to encourage one another and build one anther up. Thank You
  • Healing of Schizophrenia

    Hello PLR! I have a prayer request for a specific mental illness which I have. Pray for my Schizophrenia to be healed please, I know it's a little selfish. Pray for the homeless and hungry, the Christians and non belivers. Pray for peace, all in Jesus Christ name, Amen! I love you PLR. <3
  • ...

    I am so unhappy and depressed. All I can do is ask for prayers. Thank you
  • Friend

    Please pray for my friend. She is struggling with a battle of self abuse. She is a Christian but needs to feel the Lord. Please pray that I will be able to help her and the Lord will guide me. And that the Lord will show her his love and help her overcome.
  • Grandson healing

    Our 2 yr old grandson needs healing from an infection. He is getting antibiotics with an IV tonight & in the hospital
  • Toddler Grandson in hospital

    Pls pray our little grandson is healed from his infection soon! He is in the hospital so he can be hooked up to an IV for antibiotics &'will stay over night
  • Safety for husband on bike trip

    Pls pray my hubby & his brother have a safe 60 mile bike trip. They both are in their 50's and have high blood pressure & my husband has occasional exercise-induced asthma but otherwise is in great shape