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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Need Lord's desires

    I'm praying for Lord to guide my husband to do His will for his job situation. We had a big move last year & he's desiring another change in 2 years. I want to support him but don't want to move further away from kids & grandchild but want husband happy...need Lord
  • dad and close friend injury's

    My dad has some muscles in his body hurting and I really want him to be healed and I pray for him everyday

    My friends mom (Joy) is getting knee surgery on the 19th and I just want things to go easy and nice for her and hope that nothing else big has to happen
  • Financial

    My family and I are in need of a prayer, we have been having financial issues for the last 5 years and my kids are suffering the most, please help me with a prayer and may God bless you and your family. Thank you.
  • Financial Miracle

    We need a healing of our financial situation. So putting food on the table and getting the things our kids needs is not a daily struggle.
  • Financial Miracle

    We need a healing of our financial situation.
  • friend daughter very sick

    My friend's daughter is 25yrs living with FASD (prenatal exposure to alcohol), delayed & is type 1 diabetic. Somehow her sugar's dropoed so she got a tea to drink...she didn't know it was sweet tea. So her sugars spiked high & she started vomiting & couldn't quit. She's now in the hospital.
    Please pray for her recovery. Please pray for strength for her parents. Thank you!!
  • Friend's sick sister

    Please pray for my friend Dan's sister who just received a scary medical diagnosis
  • Ability to carry a child

    I have been happily married for 10 years and have a beautiful 10 year old daughter. Life as a parent started out at the age of 18 for me.. Scared and knowing we had to provide for our new family we both found jobs and have been working every day since... Theres only one thing that would make our family stronger and that would be the ability to get pregnant and have another child. I suffer from diabetes and was in denial for some time... i joined a gym last july and have been going very faithfuly to beat my diabetes...i am happy to report that i do not need medication for it any more and it is completely controlled with diet and excercise... i just ask for prayers that jesus will decide that we are ready to expand our family.....
  • Families strugglig with challenges of parenting teens

    Please pray for family that their teenage daughter will feel God's touch, and turn away from the ways that have lead her down a very dangerous path. Please pray for strength for her father, mother, and sister to get through the stress that this is placing on their family.

    Please pray that the professional people called into support this family will have the wisdom, caring, and grace to find the right types of help needed.

  • GOD's perfect timing

    Thank you all for your prayers for a financial breakthrough. GOD has met my need at the last moment. I am not out of the woods yet so please keep me in prayer. Blessings