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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • prayer was answered

    I first like to thank the Lord for his miracle healing over my husband. he had fevers and chills for over 12 days and he was in the hospital for 7 days total. The Drs. couldn't find what was wrong they just said It was a virus. but God is Good !!! and I am so thankful for everyone that took there time to pray for my husband. God Bless You !!!
  • Scared and Confused

    Hello All ,, I moved to Kelso,Wa to be with my daughters and my grand kids. Now my back and my ankles hurt so bad. I don't know if I can hold a 8 hr a day job. I just turned 60 yrs old. I am crying my eyes out because I am scared. What do I do Lord ,, Tell me What do I do ? I don't know what the answer is. Help Me Lord ,,, Help Me.

    Thank You For Your Prayers ,,,
  • financial

    I am asking you for your prayers that My Father God help me to worship Him in spirit and in truth, that I walk and think and am obedient to the Holy Spirit at all times, with all of God's wisdom, Knowledge, power and understanding. That I worship Christ as my Lord and Savior of my life, that I not only know Jesus as the Son of God, but also as my very best friend. That God grant me all of the fruits of the Holy Spirit, That God will meet all of my needs according to His riches and Glory through Christ Jesus My risen Lord..
  • Husband is a Bully, Emotional/Verbally Abusive - Me & Daughter Suffering

    After I married my Christian husband 3 years ago, he started threatening divorce weekly, very emotional abusive, bullying, bashing me as low as he could. My 17 year old daughter's and my health is failing due to the stress (flying for another surgery for her next week). He said he's miserable with me, sick of my a**, I don't measure up, I'm not the type of woman he wants, why are you praying, you're pathetic, I can't believe you use God as a crutch and burden him with your problems.  I believe he is caught between his money/work that he is very successful with and God, being single (and doing whatever he wants) and married..or something deeper - very angry and controlling, ego/arrogant/judgemental. He puts everyone above me and quits my poor daughter every time he quits me. He blames me for the way he reacts and never looks at his part or sees his anger as a problem.
  • prayer for my husband ross

    Me and my husband are going through some rough financial times and he was told about an opening in his company for a lead supervisor position. they are only hiring internally and he is meeting with his boss tomorrow to learn more about the position and how he can get hiss name put in for it. this will diffinately help our financial situation if he is selected for this promotion. he has been with the company now for almost 4 years, the second longest tenur of any employee so he has a real good shot at this. thank you.
  • Healing

    Please pray for healing of my left breast. I have a bug bite that is taking forever to heal. I can't go to the doctor and don't have any health insurance. Pray that God will heal me soon.
  • my 15 year old son Noah

    Hi there... I am a single mom of 5. I was married and had two wonderful kids one boy age 15 and a daughter 13. I then went on to be with another man who I was with 7 years and had 3 wonderful little boys, ages 5, 3 and 1. I guess I have a couple of requests for prayers: last year the father of my last three boys committed suicide and I am trying to cope and do all of this alone... I ask for prayer for strength for me to keep up and having my kids be happy, healthy and doing well in school and in life in general. My second prayer is for my oldest boy: He was stoned on pot a couple of days ago and came home drunk today :(.... I cried my eyes out, tryimg to figure out if this is simply a teenage thing, as I know what I did as a teenager...or if it's something more. I don't want my son on the wrong path in life.
  • Health

    Nephew PJ in an atv accident and has 4 broken ribs and 1 punctured lung.
  • Why?

    I am just done, over it, 35 years of stress and I feel like there's an ulcer in my stomach. I fear it will never end.
  • Praise report

    I recently asked for prayers on our house to sell. My husband has been working in another state for 2.5 years and commuting. We got a full price cash offer today. I am overwhelmed at the goodness of our God! Our family can be whole once again. We are just waiting on the inspection and then closing is soon after. We are moving to North Dakota and I know it will be a huge change. It is an exciting time. An adventure for our family. Once again thank you for your prayers! I am so excited to be a full time family once again!