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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • New heart

    My husband to have a heart filled with peace and love. To not have it filled with fear and anger anymore.
  • Hope & healing

    Daughter peace & strength for us as we help her with her autistic son. He is progressing well but she is always stressed
  • Hope for daughter

    pls pray she will sense Jesus strength while taking care of her soecial needs son. We help alot but she is still overwhelmed, despite alot of help she gets
  • Prayers

    Please help me pray for my fiancé
  • Saved

    Pray for my friend Bernie and Marife. They need to get saved
  • Healing

    My husband is and has been going through dark times with business pressure, sickness(mental and physical) and feeling stuck in an endless cycle for the past years. Please day for a breakthrough, for healing, for his essence to return to him.
  • Just need prayer for pain

    I just need prayer for a lot of emotional pain and just really bad anxiety, I have had really bad anxiety for a while and just have a lot of fear of the future and just anger and pain about family issues. Life can be so dark and dreadful, I know God helps but there is a lot of pain in this life, one bad decision can haunt you for a long time, I know God is in control but the way God works in circumstances to mold us can just seem brutal, to be honest "I guess it is called a fiery furnace" for a reason, I know in a lot of ways I have it good compared to some, but I definitely haven't reached the promised land and I wish I felt more solace in the waiting.
  • Healing for loved ones

    Please pray for healing for some of my loved ones: My daughter is studying abroad in South Korea and is experiencing some medical concerns. She currently does not have medical coverage that covers abroad and has to pay for any treatments she receives. My father is recovering from shoulder surgery and hopes for a speedy recovery. My brother in law was recently diagnosed with a genetic disorder that attacks his muscles and causes pain, fatigue, and deterioration. And my boyfriend is suffering from depression that he uses alcohol to self medicate. He has other illnesses that the alcohol could complicate to the point of death. This holiday season I am praying for healing for my loved ones!
  • Healthy pregnancy and baby

    I would appreciate it so much if you would pray for my health and the health of the baby I'm carrying. Everything is going well, but last winter I dealt with some health issues, and I really want to stay healthy for the baby through this winter. I've been struggling with fear that those health issues are going to arise again this winter. Please pray that the baby and I stay safe and healthy throughout my entire pregnancy and beyond, and that this fear leaves me and I am filled with the peace of Jesus. Thank you!!
  • My Family

    Please pray for my Family we have been going through some tough times