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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • grandmother passedaway 7-2-2016

    I need lots of prayers Lord Jesus Christ help me please I am in so much pain sence my grandmother passed away on 7-2-2016i have to cry my self to sleep or I Am also a severe brittle diabetic and I feel sick to my stomach and I just can't eat very much I need to eat and I just want to get rid of this pain so bad I need prayers so bad please help me Lord through so much I miss my grandmother so much
  • daughters injury

    My daughter and her family were at a water park yesterday and she injured herself badly. She was taken to the er and they x-rayed her. She has two bad breaks in the collar bone. She is in so much pain and they released her until the swelling has gone down. She will have to have a surgery to pin the bones together. She is very scared and is having a hard time coping with the pain. She is allergic to so many things and is worried she won't make it out of the surgery. Please pray and help her get the courage and strength to pull through. Thank you so much.
  • Baptism

    I will be officiating my first baptism on July 16 and will be preaching on that same day. Please keep me in prayer as I prepare for that. --That God's Spirit may be felt and lives may transformed.
  • Brokenness and humility

    Please pray for a friend's marriage where selfishness needs to be recognized and there needs to be brokenness and humility and they need counsel.
  • financial hardship

    need to get a new job. We pay out more bills and debt then we bring in. Need god to open door or send us some financial blessing realllllllllly soon. Oh please lord...we need your help
  • Addiction

    I have been in recovery sense January. Finding it harder and harder not to give into alcohol. I would love your support in prayer not to go back to my old ways. I don't want to steal my life back from Jesus.
  • MS

    Please pray for my brother in law, Who is suffering from aggressive ms it makes my heart hurt for him and my sister who is taking great care of him!!
    Please Lord give him relief with the new medicine he needs!!!
  • Marriage

    Restoration for a marriage where trust has been broken and brokenness and healing
  • Job

    Please pray for my sister to be able to get a job. She meets with a temp agency this morning. She has three kids to support.
  • Sad

    I m so beat up by life that I feel like staying in my house and never leaving. So sad!