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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Horrible stomach pain

    I am having really bad stomach pain. It is making my life a living hell. None of my remedies, medicines, anything I've used in the past is working. I have been to the doctor for this and had it checked out awhile I ago but it is something I have had my whole life and I usually can control it with medicine but not in the past month.
  • Troubles with my team

    I finally have a new job teaching preschool and I'm so grateful for this. I have a team of colleagues to work with, but I can't seem to connect with them. I've been praying, but my body is starting to hurt from stress. My supervisor seems really disappointed with me. I simply ask for your love and support.
  • storm

    If you could pray that our power will stay on during the storm. We are struggling very badly and had no extra money for supplies, no money to go anywhere if the power goes out and can't afford to lose the small amount of food we have in our freezer.
  • Missing cat Flint

    Valerie called and asked the listening family to pray for an elder lady's cat, Flint, who is missing by Jubilee Lake. Flint is a black and white cat who is also deaf.

    Jimy took her cat when she went camping in September at Jubilee Lake. Flint got loose from his collar and leash and went up a tree. They were able to get to him but dropped him before getting him down. Flint ran off and hasn't been seen since.

    Jimy is concerned that Flint will be in the mountains all winter. She asks if anyone happens to come across Flint please contact her or Valerie.

    Valerie at 541-969-7746
    Jimy at 541-429-2205
  • work

    I have been struggling financially for a while now.. It looks like I might finally be getting a job.. I have been searching for one.. I ask that you would pray the interview would go well.. And that I would not lose the job.. I am disabled, not physically, but mentally.. I got a job some time back.. And lost it cause I was stressed out.. I wont go into that much, other then to say, I got mad at work.. But I really need this job, and it is an answered prayer.. So please pray to God.. I want to work.. Thank you.. And praise be to God..
  • day in court

    I posted a prayer on here sometime back about a business deal. We had our day in court, and lost. The court ordered us to pay a business partner $2000 dollars. This is where God worked. If we can pay $200 dollars a month, things will be okay. Thank God for that. The problem, we have been struggling with money issues for some time now. And never seem to pull ahead. Seems like things get worse all the time. And not better. Please pray for our family. I know that God is good to us, all the time. I have experienced it. It is hard to be in debt all the time though. Wondering if you can pay that next bill. And that has been the way it is. Thanks to anybody who reads this. Says a prayer for us. God bless
  • apartment inspection

    I have another apartment inspection coming up some time this month and I really need things to go smoothly in this as I'm dealing with more pressing issue at this time and don't need to worry about the inspection
  • In great pain

    Please pray for Todd. He is in great pain. The pain is keeping him from working and is affecting his family.
    The doctors haven't been able to figure out what the problem is. He has been going to the emergency room but getting no relief. Has appt with pain doctors but not for another month.
  • Financial relief

    Please pray for me, I need financial relief I am drowning in bills, I make my payments but can not not seem to catch up due to many accounts, high interest rates & over the limit amounts. I have been trying to pay them off but I am not able to succeed in doing so, it keeps me up at night worried how th of ge th them paid off. Please pray for me.a
  • Speaking

    God has blessed me with the opportunity to speak/preach at several occasions this month. My request is your prayers that all may go well--that God will use me in a powerful way to positively impact the lives of those who listen.