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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • God's Plan

    I am struggling with letting go of what I though God had planned for me. I had begun to allow myself to get excited over what I thought was coming and to begin imaging my "new life." However, lately it seems as if what I truly felt God was going to be bringing into my life is not actually a part of the plan. I am left not understanding and heartbroken. I know that there is a plan that is bigger than any dream I may have but this kind of stings.
  • broken down

    I am really losing my sanity. I have so many giants in my life I am fighting. Trials for years and now a mice infestation on top of everything else and they are keeping me up at night and getting out of traps and ignoring them. I am physically exhausted and can't do this anymore. I don't have the support of a spouse to help me through this. How do I continue to fight these giants without sleep, adequate food, money to pay my bills? It makes me want to let these people win. My health is suffering so much. I pray over everything but God puts more on my plate. I just want a victory that's not tainted and not causing stress while having to fight 10 tornados over here at the same time.
  • finacial

    I am asking you for your prayers that My Father God help me with heat for my house and to fix my hot water, I am boiling water for baths.. Father God help me in my life
  • for my nephew

    Please say a prayer for my nephew Justin. The devil is attacking him. He has painful gout in his feet. He can barely walk. He also has anxiety and ocd. He washes his hands all the time and things like that obsessively. The most troubling though, lately he has been confessing suicidal thoughts. Please pray that God will deliver him. Thank you
  • Rachel needs peace

    I need words for her and she needs to try, she is 37. Parents are worn out from years of supporting her and she is seriously depressed from losing custody of her children but she has visitation rights, recently had mental breakdown from not taking her medication , Prayers our parents can talk about how to help her long term. They are divorced and have always had poor communication and bitterness which always affected Racehl
  • Snow

    I would like prayer for more snow, may God’s will be done
  • healing

    Please pray for my sister Linda. She has so many medical problems physically. And she can't afford to quit working. And the place she is working for does just about anything to avoid helping her. She has problems with her neck, back, knees, and arms. Right now she needs surgery on her knees. She needs a miracle. She lives in constant pain. Thank you for taking the time to pray for her. I have faith she will get a miracle. And I love praying for everybody here as well. God bless everyone
  • financial

    I need a financial miracle please.. I recently had to move from my home, cause I could not afford to live there anymore.. Already the new place is taking every dime I have.. I need a financial miracle.. Thank you
  • Encouragement for children & sister

    Prayer wanted for our adult children and my sister, for the Lord to lift their spirits and woo them to Himself. Relationships to be strengthened in Jesus, strength for their jobs, a job for my sister and emotional strength. Grandson to feel better and for us to get to visit him, as we usually do on Fridays, right now he is sick
  • Prayer for motivation to keep going in school

    I need Gods strength that I keep going in school....I need God to lead me to the right counselor too, who can talk about my problems with....not all counselors are created equal.My problems have been hard for some counselors to understand. I pray God heals a brain injury and severe OCD I have.