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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Margarethe

    Please pray for Margarethe. She is at a community care center due from having a heart attack and a stroke. She has recovered quite well from this. Not too long ago, she had to have her left leg amputated due to complications of Diabetes. She currently has an infection in her right leg. She will not be released until the infection is gone. She also will not be able to live on her own from now own. She has always been very independent. Please pray for the infection to clear up so she will not have to have her other leg amputated as well. Also, prepare her to accept that her best option is to live where she can receive the care she needs.
  • Marilyn

    Please keep Marilyn and her husband in your prayers. She went in for a simple operation but due to complications from the anesthesia she went into a coma. When she came out, she had to have a feeding tube and had a tracheotomy. She is relearning to write, walk, and is not talking very well. Her husband is exhausted. They do not live near where she is and he is having to pay for a motel and his meals which he cannot afford. Pray for Marilyn for full recovery and strength for her husband,
  • Pete

    I met a gentleman at a community care center. He is a 90 year old WWII veteran. He was hit from behind by a semi truck. He cried while I talked to him. All he wants is to go back to his home and his little doggie. Please pray for healing so he can return to his home and his dog.
  • Prayers for my mom and daughter-in-law

    My mother is on her way to the hospital to have surgery for an abdominal aneurysm. It's a miracle it hasn't ruptured before it was discovered. Please pray for her to get there safely and for the doctors to have wisdom as to the type of surgery and expertise in performing it.

    Also pray for my daughter-in-law to have God's strength to stand up to her boss who has been mean to her since she gave her resignation in anticipation of her and my son's move to a different town for his new job. She gave a few months' notice instead of two weeks so she could help train someone to take her place. Pray she'd respect herself enough to not accept his verbal abuse even if that means quitting early.

    Thank you.
  • Need A Home, Will Be Moving This Summer to Seattle,WA with My Family to attend college

    Please help me pray to find a low income home or apartment. I live in Quincy,WA and i listen to PLR everyday to school and to work. I have been applying for homes and apartments but there is a long waitlist. I pray that the Lord does miracles and finds me a home. thank you and god bless
  • afraid to lose my job

    Please pray that the Lord lets me keep my current job. I am currently taking care of my 14 yr old niece and we go to court tomorrow to see about being awarded guardianship. I really need to keep my job to help support us. Pray that I don't stress about this that I have put it in the Lords hands and he will take care of everything. Thank-you and God Bless you all.
  • marriage

    Please pray with me that God will restore new love in my husband and I and that he will soften our hearts toward one another and guide us down the path He has for us. As each day passes I am losing hope and need strength to hold on. Thank you for your kindness.
  • new job and new baby !!

    I would appreciate your prayers for my daughter as she is due to have a baby boy any day now. I'm trusting God with all the details. And for my son as he has a job interview tomorrow as his current job may soon be coming to a close.
    thank you
  • reputation

    I've moved to a new area and no one knows me or what I'm able to do. It is frustrating to not be working to all I'm capable off. Please pray for my reputation and that people will come to know me as a reliable, smart and hard working person as well as know my numerous qualifications and certifications. I am capable and want to teach in a christian school. Please pray I'll be offered a suitable job.
  • Family full of dyfunction, drugs, lies, resentment

    My family has been through several tragic deaths, which were all rooted in drugs and alcohol. Family in prison, mentally & physically. Right now there are lies, isolation, resentment and cancer. We are a family full of dysfunction and I get sick of it. Disgusted. I dont want to be mad or hold resentment. I want to love with faith and focus on God. A dirt road connects my grandparents, my cousin & her daughter, and my parents---we live right across from eachother. There is a wall between my cousin and my parents' house. Its sad. I hate drugs and alcohol. I hate lies. I hate that my family is dysfunctional. Please help us in prayer. Thank you.