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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Peace & encouragement

    Prayer for sister, daughter, husband, sons, myself for peace & strength to face our challenges and receive Jesus's grace & forgiveness
  • Prayers For My Aunt

    My Aunt in So. CA needs prayer for a blood clot in her lungs.
  • I don't get the point anymore.

    I just don't get it anymore. I am not angry I am just exhausted. Since I was born I've struggled with physical pain. It has only worsened as my body has been pummeled by different car accidents. When you can't even find solace in laying down and sleeping what is the point anymore? There's no timeout. Humans need timeout, breaks, positivity and assistance. If it physically hurts to eat, sleep, breath, lay, sit, speak, what is the purpose anymore? And then there's the isolation no other humans except one. I've asked so many times for healing. I take such good care of myself with the limited amount of resources and even those areas that are healthy are failing me. I am just over it by now. I am not dying at all; just in chronic horrendous pain in so many areas. My doctor has given up on me. Says go see a naturopath I can't afford. It's too much.
  • Things

    I done some bad things I am not proud of that I hate my self for it but I know Jesus sacrificed him self for our sins I just pray it will just leave my mind and it won’t be there anymore
  • Weary

    So weary drained and tired. Losing hope, in what I need in my life. Praying for strength and guidance. Answers to prayer to come. You know God.. you know. Strengthen me today so I don't lose heart I love you I need you in Jesus name Amen!!
  • daughter and grandson

    I would welcome prayers for my daughter and grandson. Visitation with grandson's dad starting after a long absence.
    Peace for my daughter.

    thanks much
  • Sister

    Prayer that sister (Rachel) will want to find a roommate at church, instead of living with her boyfriend, she has made this mistake a few times
  • healing

    Could you please pray for my nephew Justin ? He has ptsd from his childhood, and anxiety. One of the family members molested him. A male member. It has left him with scars, shame, and emotional trauma. Please pray that God would lift this stronghold of the devil, and help Justin. Thank you