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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Compassion International India

    Please pray for Compassion International to be able to continue its good works in India. The Indian government has blocked funding since February 2016. This is forcing church partners and child centers to close. Please pray this can be resolved December 6th.

    Thank you!
  • Health and Guidance

    Please pray for my health and for God’s guidance in a relationship I am in.
  • Work/financial needs

    My husband has just moved to the country, and we are waiting on a final immigration interview so that he can start work. Meanwhile, we, like so many others, are struggling to make ends meet financially. We are still newlyweds trying to build a new life together. We would appreciate prayers that everything is resolved soon and he can start working; and that until then we are able to make ends meet and maybe have enough left over to bless our families for the holidays.
  • answered prayer

    Thanks be to God and his people.. He moved fast.. I had an interview for a job this morning.. And I got it.. There is only one thing that I don't like about the job.. I have to answer phones.. And I know it sounds silly.. But I have social anxiety disorder.. And things like that can be hard.. I have overcome most my anxiety.. Just pray that I would not lose this job.. Thank you
  • Prayer for friends and loved ones that need God and his protection

    I would like prayer for my friends David and Reuben, they are really seeking God and need God's protection and understanding as I think some of the stuff they are hearing and learning about isn't coming from God in my opinion, they are in a Recovery Shelter and there are many different teachers that are allowed to talk to them, I pray they have wisdom and understanding as wolves come in sheeps clothing to divide the flock, I pray they can be wise as wolves but innocent as sheep, I would also like prayer for Jacob, Jarod, Todd, Tom, Pat, Justin B, Justin J, Josh, and any other friend that I missed that they come to a deeper relationship in Christ and God keeps them away from the evil one.
  • Loneliness, depression and fear

    I've been struggling with loneliness, depression and fear for a while now and I will just start crying so hard.. I want to be set free and I've already cried out to God.. I don't know what else to do to be set free
  • Self-Centered

    I recently learned that my life was totally backwards and that this entire time I've been treating people bad. I only think of myself and not of anyone close to me. I have trouble doing things without having my own way. I only ask to be free of this behavior so I can treat people with respect.
  • Prayers for a relationship for me.

    I posted recently about joining Match.com to find another relationship. Nothing has happened yet, but every time I get the email that someone prayed for me, it fills my heart with gratitude. I am still struggling with the holidays coming up & being alone, but the difference this time, IS the prayers people are sending up for me! Thank you so much!
  • Waiting on important paperwork

    We are waiting on paperwork that is 3 months late. We really need it. Please keep us in your prayers.
  • financial

    Hello.. I need prayers, my car is making a noise.. I have fixed one thing after another on that car.. I have borrowed so much money, I can't borrow anymore.. Please pray that it would not break down, and I would come up with money to fix it.. I can't get rid of it cause I don't own it.. The bank has the title.. Thank you