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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Prayer for daughter

    Pls pray for Shannon, who is in alot of pain after surgery Friday on her foot. This is her 3rd surgery..had 2 when she was 13. Jesus to touch her tonight
  • Brother in law Mike

    Mike has kidney problems. Last week he had a test and he got a call to come in on Monday for the results. Please pray for a good report. Ron From Spokane Valley.
  • suicide

    A family friend is in some serious legal trouble and has tried to kill himself twice w/in the past several days. Please pray for continued (divine) protection, that he would be able to face his problems and want to live, and that Jesus Himself would speak to him so that he would ultimately give his life to God. And please also pray for his family (mom, wife, kids, siblings) as they are going through a lot. Thank you so much!
  • Peace

    I just want peace , in my heart and mind for all the days of my life.
  • Daughter

    My daughter has been sick with a stomach disorder for close to 2 years now. We have gone to so many doctors here in
    Washington State. Little or no progress has been gained. We are now going to a clinic in Cleveland, Ohio next month.
    Please pray for answers and a treatment plan to help her feel better. I continuously pray for her to be better. Sometimes I feel I am not being listened to.
  • Helping a loved one Through addiction

    My significant other suffers from an addiction. This addiction recently put him in the hospital and has caused severe health issues. Once out of the hospital he seemed to be doing well and it appeared that he had perhaps been able to break the hold the addiction had over him. (He has also had treatment in the past) However, there have been a few nights that he has run to the store late at night when I am in bed because he has had a "craving " for this snack or that. I had a suspicion that it is to go buy beer. Last night he went to the store and when he came back I could smell a faint odor of alcohol. He is obviously hiding this from me and I am not sure what to do at this point. He will become extremely defensive if I try to "confront" him. I told myself last time that I would leave him if he continued. I just feel like I could really use some direction and comfort.
  • Life

    When it rains it pours, Lifting my Husband up to the Lord, He's the bread winner and having to stay home from work due to continual Kidney stones, I've been looking for work for months, daughter starting college, medical bills no work health issues when does it end God? Praying for relief, health, financial. In Jesus name Amen
  • For my daughter, think she has mental issues.

    I have come to realization that my daughter is so angry. She was reading the Bible & then stopped. Please pray for her It's the only way I can think of to help her, with all of us coming together for her. She thinks her mother is crazy and that's so sad. She has so much to be thankful for. Thank you for your help. God bless you all.
  • forgiveness, obedience, anxiety

    Hello..God has been healing my soul and spirit..It has left me a little out of sorts though, I mean, I have had schizophrenia and anxiety for a while..I got used to living in this reality..Taking meds..All this time I have been trying to understand what is going on..I would be kind and gentle, loving with people..Both friends and family, and they would just hurt me..Some of them, I refuse to forgive, I hate them..I know it is wrong..I have a habit of pushing people out of my life..Cause I am afraid if I let them get close, they will just hurt me..I am a real loner, and I know I have hurt others..Long story short, I have been broken, and I want to be fixed..Even if that means forgiving those who have hurt me..Please pray the Lord would help me with this, and make my spirit right..If I never truly received the Holy Spirit, then that he would give the Holy Spirit..Thank you
  • Husband lost his job

    Please pray for my husband who just lost his job on Monday. He hasn't been happy his job for a while and I've tried to get him to look for something else. I think this is God's little nudge to get his attention. Just prior to losing his job he was sick for 4 days and I think most of it was that he was depressed and didn't know what to do about his job. I've also assured that we will be fine but I want him to find a job that he will like to go to this time.