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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Prayers for health

    I would love for any extra prayers this week as I have been experiencing some medical issues and I'm scheduled for a catscan. I've always been very healthy and I'm in my early 40's. I'm praying that it's God's will that my cat scan comes back clean. I am very scared!!
  • Strength

    My family is going through hard times, one grandma is in a rehabilitation getting better and the other one is coming down with something. my family is doing everything we can and it's stressful we need prays to keep strong
  • marriage and husband

    Please pray for me and my husband. We were separated for about a year due to him having an affair and thinking he no longer wanted to be married. He has been home for several months now which I am so thankful for! Everything seems to be going well but I have a hard time to not let fear creep in… he is gone a lot for work. I just pray that he is being honest and faithful and that our marriage will be fully restored… I love him so much. Thank you for your prayers!
  • job problem

    Please pray for my job situation. I found out that a fellow employee is a back stabber and think she is saying things to my boss to cause difficulty as my boss is now cool to me. I need the income and benefits. Thanks.
  • Money

    I'm a single mother and my daughter and I are struggling with money problems please pray that we come in to some money. God bless!
  • Health

    I recently got diagnosed with a health issue. Please pray that it's a mistake and I get well. Trying to stay positive! God bless you all.
  • Son to spend time with sister

    Our son loves Lord & busy with own friends. Needs desire to spend time with sister, who is lonely. I've asked him to but he barely does. PLEASE PRAY Lord gives her godly friend soon!
  • Girl cousins to desire friendship

    Daughter moved into our area recently. Walk with Lord practically non-existent & has Christian cousins here (girls) that she has reached out to. They are polite but too busy for her. Daughter lonely & needs good godly friend
  • Daughter & sister need Lord's help

    Both need Lord to help/intervene with their custody & visitation situations. Daughter also needs Lord to open her eyes to necessity for more wisdom/godliness with who she forms friendships with. Vulnerable due to loneliness
  • Feeling lost

    I am at a point and I feel like there is no hope for me. I pray and pray and pray. It doesn't seem no one wants to reach out to me. No one seems to want to be around me. Here I stand alone and I pray. I cant think of things , all I see and feel is sadness surrounding me. I have a half brother that doesn't want anything to do with me. I have asked for forgiveness. A mother I have repulsively asked for forgiveness. Just to be dismissed as nothing. How does one cope?It's affecting my every day life, and how I live.. I pray and pray, but if praying doesn't do enough, is there any hope out there? Or Is this my faith and the steps I need to accept and walk alone.I am not sure what to do ? Any help appreciated...