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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Deliverance from alcohol

    Lord God Almighty, I am here in Your presence to ask for a miracle for me to show me a new way to go in life that I may live a life that honors You. In the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and His precious blood. Amen.

  • Pray for my dad

    My dad has been living in a little town outside of the Bay Area for the last seven years. He hasn’t had a very nice living situation, but he’s managed to make it work—bless him. He’s getting older and to be honest I’m worried he lives a couple hours away from family. My prayer is that God will help him tie up some loose ends so that he can move to a better place closer to family, or at least to a better home. Thank you for your prayers!
  • Peace & wisdom

    I am very concerned about my 37 year old sister who has mental health issues. I understand her struggles as her life has been very difficult. She needs a miracle to find hope again after a series of breakdowns. My husband feels us praying is enough, as we already help my mother financially each month. My husband & I have been stretched the last 5 years due to helping our daughter. I am asking Jesus to put his supernatural peace on my sister in CA
  • cancer, addiction

    I have addiction to chewing tobacco. I have been chewing it a lot of years. What's worse, I am not so sure I don't have tongue cancer. I had a dream of being a pastor, and you can't preach without a tongue. So any prayers for healing and deliverance would be appreciated. Thank you
  • Sister needs prayers & hope

    Please pray Rachel will be delivered from her depression and be encouraged to attend church again, strength for our elderly parents who help her financially, hubby & I help my Mom. Need the Lord to help them, they live 2 states away
  • worn out

    After sharing a piece of my testimony I was thrown out of a Christian festival in Wisconsin. It happened again in Pennsylvania after that story spread. But instead of just getting thrown out a second time. I was barred from the head of that festivals' church as well, when I just wanted answers. When I got home, my dad told me police were comparing me to a terrorist. I would love for restoration. I would love to be confident again. I would love to have work come in. I don't know if that's why work is so slow this year. It seems everything is going wrong. I don't know where to begin to describe how alone I feel. I'm tired and worn out. I know being an atheist sucked, but God doesn't defend me any better than my enemy. I'm tired. So, so tired of getting back up only to get knocked down again.
  • Dorothy N.

    Please pray immediately for Dorothy N. in Arizona, she is being transported to the hospital having a stroke. thank you.
  • I need prayer that God helps me with my worries

    I pray God helps me with my worries and pain, I have gone through a lot and a lot of it is poor choices but a lot of spiritual warfare too, I need God's help...I am so stressed out.
  • Baby

    Husband and I have been trying to conceive and have had no luck. Please pray that our amazing God blesses us with a child.
  • relationship

    I have been in a 52 month awesome relationship with a wonderful man. Our relationship is very good and we love each other very much. Problem my boyfriend has been divorced once before and believed he should have never gotten divorced by Gods rules. He went into his marriage without being in love and he made it last 16 years (his wife wanted the divorce) he is punishing himself for it and after 52 months he asked me if we could take a break without seeing other people while he figures out in his head if he can commit to me 100 percent because he has already messed up once. I say he has to make peace with his past to move forward. Please pray for him and our relationship