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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Grandson to STAY with US,,, and our DAUGHTER is VERY UNSTABLE,,,

    Please CONTINUE to PRAY for our FAMILY,, Our GRANDCHILD LIVES with US along with our DAUGHTER,,, She's EXTREMELY UNSTABLE and VERBALLY and MENTALLY ABUSIVE towards HIM,, Our GRANDCHILD might have AUTISM,,,, We NEED DIVINE HELP for HIM,, please PRAY for DIVINE PEACE and CALMNESS,,, please PRAY they BOTH STAY here with US,, please

    Please PRAY for our FAMILY,,, Our DISHWASHER isn't DRAINING,, please PRAY it starts to DRAIN Again, SOON, The water just sits there at the bottom of the DISHWASHER,,, Please PRAY for DIVINE MERCY and FAVOR that it starts to DRAIN Again,,, thank you,

    URGENT PRAYER for our Tyler who wants to GO BACK to HIS FORMER JOB,, Our son Tyler is having MAJOR PANIC ATTACKS,, due to the STRESS, and other things,, Please PRAY for DIVINE HELP and MERCY and FAVOR with his FORMER JOB,, He wants to go back,,,, please

    URGENT PRAYER for our FAMILY,, We get FOOD STAMPS, I TAKE CARE of my HUSBAND who has AGGRESSIVE CANCER and, because our son Tyler is WORKING but is VERY SELFISH,,, He SENDS ALMOST ALL His MONEY to the Girl he's been talking ONLINE,,,,, Please PRAY they don't REDUCE or STOP our FOOD STAMPS, please

    Please PRAY for our FAMILY,, My HUSBAND has AGGRESSIVE CANCER and it's getting VERY DIFFICULT for Him to do EVERYDAY THINGS,, The are wanting to put HIM in HOSPICE IN HOME CARE soon,, My HUSBAND NOT sue IF this is TRULY BEST, please PRAY he keeps an OPEN MIND,,, please PRAY for DIVINE HELP and HEALTH and MERCY, thank you

    URGENT PRAYER for our FAMILY,,, We NEED DIVINE HELP,, My HUSBAND has AGGRESSIVE CANCER and I TAKE CARE of HIM,,,, There seriously thinking about TAKING AWAY our FOOD STAMPS, because our son Tyler WORKS,, but Doesn't really help out,, He's VERY SELFISH,,, please PRAY they don't REDUCE or STOP our FOOD STAMPS,, WE rely on them,,, We're PRAYING for DIVINE HELP and MERCY,,,,, please
  • Lord, Please help

    Please pray for our Lord to reconcile Amy and I in accordance with His will and Promises. Thank you for your prayers....
  • JOB

    PRAISE BE TO GOD. The job I wanted has called and offered me a position. Months of faith and waiting God has restored to me what I had lost then some. Everyone waiting for a breakthrough stay strong don't lose hope or faith. God is faithful and he will come through. PRAISE JESUS!!!
  • Son's Case in the Judicial System

    Chad Duncan is serving a 96 year sentence. His sentence was extreme. Men between the ages of 18-15 looking at a lower sentence range. Studies have been done and there is data available from neuropsychologist's and drs. Supreme court justices are looking at cases where young men received extreme sentences and will possibly be seeing more. They are not removing the sentences entirely, but drastically reducing some sentences to the tweens or the twenties. Asking for prayer for favor for my son's sentence. Favor for the outcome of these cases to be favorable which will allow a precedence for his case. Asking for favor for the judge that will hear my son's case, favor for the attorney that has accepted to represent my son in this case.
  • passing of frend

    my dear friend Jim lost his wife this morning and the family needs prayer. They are sort of Catholics.