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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • I would like prayer for a few things

    I would love prayer for my friend Todd who is getting discouraged in college I think, please pray God helps his mind and heart and help him to try to be more in control of his addictive behavior, he has a lot of problems with alcohol and he needs help with all his pain and anger. I need help on how to deal with him, as he is user, has no problems using people for his own gain and I sometimes am not the best at putting up boundaries. Please pray for the Monday Night and Friday Night group I am apart of and that we grow deeper in the Lord, the biggest things is faith, trust, obedience...just help us know how much the Lord loves us. I would also like prayer for a friend named Yuki, that she hopefully comes to Friday night bible study. God Bless all
  • Heart

    pray for me to have a heart that obey's jesus christ and rid me of my rebelious heart
  • Health Issues and Financial Issues

    Just typing on my phone and I realised I misspelled battles. Oops.
  • Health Issues and Financial Issues

    I scrolled down the list of people who needed prayers and I almost feel guilty for posting my prayer on here. I try not to think like that because then I realise everyone is fighting their own bagtle(s).
    So my prayer request isn't unusual, and I'm not afraid to admit that I'm bipolar. I was recently diagnosed. I'm young and already filing for debt consolidation so they don't garnish my wages, I'm still technically homeless, I have abandonment issues, I made poor decisions back in 2015-2016 and now I'm depressed because of it. I'm now broke, alone, depressed and I'm a young adult who likes to dwell on the past. So prayers to keep me strong and to lift my spirit, prayers to encourage me to stay positive and thankful for what I do have going for me. It is what it is. I just need the strength to move forward. Thank you and blessings to everyone who is going through a hardship.