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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • My husband's Dr visit

    Please pray that my husband has a great check up at the Dr's
    Thank you
  • healing

    Please pray for Vicky who fell on the ice yesterday and fractured her wrist in 4 places and also her hip.
    She is having surgery today.
    Thank you and God's blessings to all.
  • Seek Jesus

    Please pray for my husband to seek the Lord and His will for our family. Please pray he won't strive in his flesh make rash decisions and try to fix things himself. Please pray he will seek the Lord for wisdom counsel guidance and direction. Pray he will be in the word. Please please pray
  • cars

    My husband and I are in desperate need of a running car that won't be needing more repairs than gas. We own 3 cars now but only one will even run right now. I tried to get a personal loan to put down on an affordable one but was turned down because of my credit. A few years ago my husband was laid off due to company down sizing. He spent a year working anything he could get, it was not enough. My husband is a truck driver now, I work nights and we have a child (18) in the Running Start program at her local school. Due to the lay off, my husbands medical conditions and my own, we have a lot of bills. We are trying to pay off our our debt. but seem to be getting father and farther behind. Please pray for us. My car will not last much longer and I cannot lose my job because I can't to work.aAFrE
  • Pain & Redness In My Left Ankle

    All day today my left ankle has been hurting. This evening it was red and tender to the touch. Please pray for healing for it. Thanks and God Bless!!!! Ron
  • Heartbreak

    My heart has been horribly broken. I'm trying so hard to move on from it, I've faked my smiles everyday now but inside I'm in pain. I'm trying to rest in Gods peace knowing he has a plan for me. I am just so hurt, and I've never experienced this kind of pain before. I don't know how to deal with pain like this.
  • Sarah's Pregnancy

    Sarah (niece ) & Howie are having a baby boy in June. Tests show them that his Small intestine is growing on the outside . I ask for God to work miracles. Give them both Peace and Joy . The Drs say this ... But Our God has the last say. Thank you Lord for this miracle of life already started.

  • Niece's surgery

    Please pray for my niece, a wife and mother of three small children, who is having a heart surgery on Jan. 11th. Her family's move across the state was postponed for the procedure so there is stress about that plus she is estranged from her mother and misses her comfort and support during this time. Pray for the surgeon's skill and wisdom and for my niece to heal quickly and well. Finally, pray for God's merciful grace to cover her and her family with peace. Thank you!
  • Feeling Hopeless

    Please pray for me and my boyfriend. His drug use has relapsed and I am not sure he will be able to bring himself back out again. He has destroyed a part of the kitchen and I don't have the money to repair it. I feel scared, alone and hopeless.

    Thank you for your positive thoughts.
  • prayer

    Please pray for Ineva. She is 83, and having a serious financial situation. Her husband passed a few years ago. She is on s.s. but when she went to the bank, somehow she lost $400 dollars. And the bank is saying they gave it to her. But they didn't. And now she can't pay her bills. She never had enough to pay even half her electric bill. Not to mention she owes the hospital $11,000. I really appreciate any prayers that go up on her behalf. She is a real special lady. Thank you. Please pray that God would bless her financially, spiritually, and physically. She is having dizzy spells. And she is lonely. God bless