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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Salvation & forgiveness

    Our daughter & her baby's father need salvation (Martin) and re-dedication (Shannon) and peaceful visits for their son. We need help with finances while she lives with us again & toddler needs stability
  • Praise & prayer

    Our daughter is movin back home after living with fiance & their baby over a year. Please pray for salvation for them both & for a peaceful & cooperative visitation agreement. He's shown signs it will be difficult but with God all things are possible!! Please pray!!'
  • Prayers

    I just can't do it anymore. I've begged God for 15 years and yet it continues. I am having a nervous breakdown.
  • Adoption

    My husband and I need a breakthrough with this adoption process.
  • Work/Home

    Prayers please for patience and to know which road to follow. So much stress and frustration at work and an elderly & disabled in-law at home. Feeling overwhelmed. It's beginning to affect my health and my marriage, but I am having a hard time seeing a way out. Thank you!
  • My Marriage

    Please pray that I do not become bitter from the daily hurt. Pray my heart will be soft and loving, long suffering, patient and understanding. Pray that I will not give up trying. I don't understand why my spouse doesn't want to spend time with me talking and praying and sharing our hearts:( (we use to do it all the time befor we were married) there is no effort to do this so every day I feel rejected and unloved. My spouse says they love me but doesn't show me in these ways I feel loved. When I ask when we can they just say I don't know and then don't do anything. They have a ton of responsibility but I feel they are neglecting some of the most important things. I am hurting and i need help.
  • marital problems

    My husbabd is new with his walk with God and has brought someine in our home who is a tempter.
  • insecure

    I have trust issues stemming from past relationships where my spouse had cheated many times. And right now i am struggling because the man i am dating is talking to another women and i am dying inside, PLEASE pray i find out if they are just friends or if there is more to it
  • Marriage

    Please pray for our marriage. I feel alone and unloved. My spouse is no longer spending time in the Word or seeking the Lord that I am aware of. They don't make an effort to pray with me or do a devotion or even set time aside to talk and ask how I am . They are super busy with their work and stressed daily. They have a heavy load and a lot of responsibility. Please help and pray
  • Children

    We would like our family to be whole instead of torn as it is now. I currently have 2 other boys that my ex and I share custody of. Please pray for their healing and their future to be on Gods path to heaven. I want them to know God and his love.

    My husband and I have been wanting to add a child to our family. We had a miscarriage in February and I have been sad since. I know it was not in Gods timing for us to have the baby then, but can you pray for Gods will to be done in all areas of our family life.