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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • A girl

    Please pray for me, I feel like my life has no particular purpose. It feels like a mess and I've felt abadonded by my parents for so long. I'm engaged and I'm unsure if this is the one God wants me to be with.and my past sins I keep remembering and feeling guilty over and then I repeat them. My soul is hurting and I'm in a bad place spiritually. I need inner healing and cleansing and to hear Gods voice again to by assured in my life.
  • Peace for sis & daughter

    Pls pray they will let Jesus comfort them & sister to keep working, Christian friends to come for both
  • Prayers

    Please pray for my family I have three children and the landlord is going to sell the house. So I have to go back to my Mothers. I just feel so overwhelmed because I just have two months of shoulder surgery!! My Boyfriend went back to drinking and everything he had stopped when I told him that God does everything for a reason!! I’m on L&I but it’s not much and I’m so overwhelmed about everything. I just need prayer for peace and may God help my boyfriend change for good!! Thank you for the prayers!
  • daughter

    Pls prayer for strength for Shannon to turn to Jesus and have peace
  • JOB

    Been Out of work for a while applied to over 100 positions no phone calls. Fell off the end of my rope. High anxiety and depression due to the stress. Can't take anymore. Please God Open the right door. In Jesus name AMEN!
  • Job

    Please pray for my friend, Derek to find a job. Thanks
  • Heart attack

    Please pray for the family of my friend Velya who died of heart attack this morning and left 3 children and wife behind. Family need strength, healing and to start rebuilding their lives. Amen
  • healing

    Could you please pray that God would make my soul and spirit right ? That he would stand against the devil in my life.. Stand against the pain, fear, and bad dreams.. That he would save my soul.. Thank you
  • overwelmed

    Work is allowing kids to hit me and I have turned in a medical release to protect my back that I had sergury on. This getting hit continuious for five months has made my back uncomfortable. Then I had to pick up my grandpas ashes today
  • Not being perfectionist

    My coworker wants me to cover his shift because he is throwing up but I do not want to because I am physically sick too. Please pray that we will get better. That I will stop trying to please everyone. thanks and God bless you