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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • for God's will to be won in court case.

    We are going to court Monday regarding the supervised visits my granddaughter gets with her father. We hope the supervision stays in effect and that the presence of Jesus will be in the courtroom and the Judge will feel his presence also and listen. Prayers the the best for her life will be chosen at the time. Also prayers for peace for me and my daughter through all of this.
  • Marriage

    Please pray that my husband lets me help him work through his addictions and that anything I do to help us doesn't back fire because he doesn't understand it as help thank u
  • Troubled kid

    We saw a boy, (maybe 10 yrs old), who was very troubled, taken down by the police today in our neighborhood. He said he ran away from home and the police took him to the police station. He was yelling and saying bad things about his family. We want to pray for him that things will work out, and that he will be OK with his family.
  • Difficult and toxic work relationship

    Please pray for a difficult situation at work. The person I work with is verbally abusive. I cant just leave as a single parent. Please ask God for the courage to break the cycle. Prayers for job search in the meantime.
  • fraud

    I found out I was in a romance scam, and my heart is broken. And there is not a lot I can do ; cause the person is from another country. I just want to warn everybody. Never send money to somebody you met online, or not in person. Cause these people are very convincing. This girl even had documents.
  • (no subject)

    I need a home. I am streched to my limit, overwelmed, so many things i am having to deal with. i am trying to trust god has a plan but i am weak. I have one month. Please pray
  • God Will

    Please prayer for a friend he is fight for our country with my faith and walk with the Lord I been going thought something and in life the pain hurt
  • Please pray for dreams to come to reality

    I am in my mid 30's and have a hard time with career, I think I have potential to do some things that I would like to do, but sometime what I think I can do and what in reality I can do are different things. I would like to get into the health field starting out as a nutritionist and eventually be a P.A or Naturopath, but I don't know if this is realistic. This would require me to move to Spokane and I don't know if I can make it in a city. My dad was an engineer and a financial guy and I have some brains but I was born premature and have a lot of social weaknesses/ hard to make friends and don't think I am as smart as I could have been if I wasn't born premature. I would like to live a life of passion and excitement but don't know if I can or if it is God's will for me. Please pray that I see God's plan for me and live in faith to see things through. I need God's leading and guidance.
  • Missing teenager

    Please pray for friend and her family. She has went missing. Please pray she would be found and unharmed.
  • Troublesum times, no focus

    need prayers to help me believe again...keep the faith and the focus on God. I know he can to anything, but I don't feel it and I feel myself slipping away from prayer time and just time with the Lord. I find myself doing other things, not important things just such checking my facebook. I want to be closer to the lord, but am just slipping and unable to focus. I need mental readjustment in my life and a strong feeling on the holy spirit with me. Please send prayers.