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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • My daughter and drugs

    Pray for my daughter Makelle . Drugs/Satan have her hard. I am starting to try and come to the reality I will out live her. So please pray she gets help and can find God for real and recover. Thanks Mike
  • family

    Mother went to live with Jesus!!!! pray for family greif
  • Fight

    Please pray for me. I am disabled person dependent on a family member, the only person I have to help me. We got into a huge fight today. I am very hurt and angry and have nowhere to turn. I am crying and overwhelmed. Thanks
  • Financial help

    Lord, I have debt due to a job loss from the economy, a large electricity bill and house needs. Please help supply the money so I can pay my bills. The stress is keeping me up at night. Amen
  • God's voice to be heard.

    My friend is in need of prayer for trusting in God so much right now. She is going through so much and needs God's peace in her life. She is making decisions and moves that she needs to trust The Lord in. He spoke these things to her and now she is doubting it was from Him. Please God, wrap her in Your arms and show her Your faithfulness.
  • Please Pray for Emilee

    My fiancee and I recently split on bad terms due to my behavior in our relationship, that I did not keep Christ centered. I hurt her very deeply, and was completely ignorant to the extent I was doing. We tried to have children together, became one flesh before God, planning on a family and a future. I broke it off because I was investing in other women...I was a shameful pig of a man. Christ revealed everything to me on 5 July during prayer, and I was riddled with horror, guilt and shame, I begged Him to take me that night. When I asked Emilee back she declined and has chosen to never speak to me again. Please pray for her emotional healing and Gods miraculous love to fill her hardened and hurt heart. Pray that He reveals His will to her as He did to me, and that He would not withhold His healing from her. Pray that she would be filled with His peace and His unsearchable love.
  • Children who were burned...

    I want to thank everyone for your prayers for Brooklynne & Joshua. Brooklynne is on her way home today, 1 month after the accident. Her grafting surgery was a success. Joshua is still in the hospital in much pain. Please continue to pray for these two precious children...God bless! The Grammie
  • My daughter's health

    Please pray for my daughter she is struggling with anoxeia. She barely eats anything and exercises all the time. Everytime I tell her she needs to eat more, we end up fighting. We have been dietitians, and to a christian counselor and she said I need to let my daughter deal with it her own way and with Gods help. She knows God, but still has this awful addiction that is ruining her life. Please pray for her. Thank you!
  • 68!

    Hi my brothers and sisters at Positive Life thanks to your prayers I turned the big 68 today in light of the fact I am homeless my prayer request is for strength in every area.GOD richly bless you brother Danny 7/24/14
  • evangelism

    We have a 5 day bible club coming this 1st week of August.Please pray for the kids who will come to be save and their parents too to be save, that God will prepare their hearts to hear the Gospel.Please pray too for the protection of the homehost,the teachers of CEF,the leaders and workers of this bible club that they will be protected from the work of the enemy.Pray that this will bring glory to our Lord Jesus.