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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Friend in Destructive Relationship

    Please continue to pray for my friend & his relationship with God. His marriage is continuing to deteriorate. They've both been married before. She helped him thru some very personal struggles prior to marriage, but does not offer ANY emotional or spiritual support for his personal family issues since they married. He has had several recent trials with his family from his previous marriage (specifically, his children), and SHE won't help or offer support since it's not HER family members. Please continue to pray that God will lead him to make the right decision about whether he should continue to stay in this situation, or if it's time to leave. Please pray that he consider that she may have served her purpose in his life, and that their marriage is not meant to be. :(
  • pregnancy

    Please let the two healthy embryos that we transferred implant and develop into a healthy pregnancy. Please bless my husband and I with healthy babies. Amen
  • step son

    several things to pray for my step son: he claims to be an atheist also he needs a good place to live with good roomates. and for him to continue to mature. i feel that he takes advantage of us although he is a 24yr old adult.
  • Lord answering prayers!

    Praise the Lord that He is answering my prayers for wisdom! Thank you, prayer warriors, for all the prayers & I will also keep praying the Lord will keep moving in your behalf, as well...May the Lord bless you all abundantly today!!
  • Lord's favor & wisdom

    Please pray I can receive the Lord's favor in a particular situation. Daughter will be marrying fiance in a month. Husband's budget & mother of fiance unfriendliness to us months ago has me praying for ideas to reach out to her. My husband feels I'm "only worrying" & doesn't want me to try to befriend her. This is stressful for me since we need to move to another state next month and will make seeing grandchild difficult since daughter will be living at the new mom-in-law's house.
  • havent worked for aleast 10 years.

    in order 4 me not 2 bee homless or starve 2 death i need aleast a part time job 2 get off these streets, and get into a decent apartment. where theirs good people.
  • Prayer for uncle who had a stroke

    Please asking for prayer for my uncle who suffered from a severe stroke. His name is Valentin Santacruz. They say his lugs are also not functioning proper so he can't breath well. I believe God can heal and restore please please help us pray !!!!
  • Prayer Opportunity

    I would like to ask for prayers that God will give me the opportunity to witness to my daughter-in-law and lead her to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Thank you.
  • God's plan to be in children's lives

    Please pray the Lord will guide our three adult children now in a real tangible way...They are facing a new chapter
    in their lives in different areas...school, relationships, work, housing. Please also pray that I will feel the Lord's peace in a mighty way during the next month, especially. Thank you :)
  • My Sister In Law Martha Starts Chemotherapy Today

    PLEASE Pray for Martha that all goes WELL with the procedure. I have put her in GODS HANDS. Please pray that I have the Faith to BELIEVE that everything is going to be ALRIGHT.