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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Strength for me

    Please pray I can have physical and emotional strength for the challenges I encounter with various family needs. Want to honor my husband and also be sensitive to needs of others, as I trust his judgment with their situations. My job is draining sometimes, Lord to let me be in the classrooms that are fun too, as I'm a floater at work to allow me to stay part time
  • Son in law job

    Please oray he will get the transfer he needs to a different dept in his company very soon! Also to give God the glory for this answer to prayer!!
  • Sister & Mom in CA

    Please pray for protection for Mom & sis and her to be able to work or volunteer to stay busy & still receive the help she needs for now. Willingness to go back to church, maintain healthy godly relationships and desire to trust rhe Lord. Alot of emotional baggage and years of bad decisions that have caused them much grief. Ability/discernment for them and strength for me to trust my husband's judgement with my conversations with them