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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • HOME for MOM

    Please PRAY for a SMALLER HOUSE or CONDO for my MOM,,, Please PRAY for DIVINE HELP and GUIDANCE... She wants to STAY in the SAME AREA,, She's feeling COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED,, her, HUSBAND of 35yrs..recently PASSED AWAY.. MY MOM is in her 70s and NEEDS, DIVINE HELP and GUIDANCE,, She Definitely wants to STAY in the SAME AREA,, Please PRAY for my MOM,, thank you.
  • Bipolar sister devastated

    Rachel needs a miracle to be able to have joint custody to see her toddler daughter. After married a year her husband left her & took their daughter (because he's worried about her past history with bipolar episodes. She needs hope
  • Critical husband

    My hubby loves Jesus but struggles with perfectionism to the point that he never reassures me after I make a mess, but is easily irritated. I believe he has almost aliented our adult children with his attitude
  • Sister

    My 36 year old sister in CA needs more hours at work and desire to keep trying. Desire to watch the DVD we sent about spiritual strongholds. She agreed for us to send it. My husband to hear from Jesus if we need to do more
  • Healing

    I need healing. I have a surgical procedure next Friday but I need to improve in another area or I will have to postpone the procedure. I am suffering and I need healing so I can have this done. I've already postponed this appt. last month and they doctor is a month out. I am exhausted from this and it is taking a toll on me. I need my surgery. I know God can heal me but he hasn't yet. Thank you for the prayers!
  • Spiritual Attack

    I requested prayer for a spiritual attack I was experiencing, I think it was the last part of January. I just wanted to say thank you very much for faithfully praying. It is under more control as I'm learning how to fight the battle. This was something unlike anything else I've ever experienced before. I so desperately needed prayer and I thank you to those of you who took the time for me. God Bless you.
  • peace

    Please pray for peace from anxiety for my daughter for all she is going through.

    God's best to you

  • sin

    Could you please pray that God would heal me of sin.. I did something that lets the devil have a foothold in my life.. And now he attacks me even while I am asleep.. I have evil dreams that effect my soul.. I wake up in despair.. And that is where the devil wants me.. Feeling hopeless and afraid.. That God would heal my mind and soul.. Thank you.. I have to go back to work today.. And I am having a lot of anxiety about that.. Each time you good people pray, it helps me.. And that means a lot.. God bless everyone
  • Job opportunity

    Please pray that I learn quickly and not try to do perfectionism..

    Thank you and God bless
  • Why?

    My mom does nothing but lie to me. I am saddened to know that she treats me that way. I am adult and it hurts to find this out about her at my age. I want to have a relationship with her but I do not trust her. I don't have any other people in my life. I feel so abandoned by God. I am in so much physical pain. I am really questioning my existence. I pray so hard every day and nothing changes; it just slowly gets worse.