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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • employment

    Still very much in need of a financial blessing.. I keep getting further and further behind.. I am searching for a job.. There is not much out there that fits me, cause I have social anxiety disorder.. That is why I had to quit my last job.. And I don't want that to happen again.. The other job I wanted fell threw.. They want somebody with experience.. Please pray the right job comes along.. Thank you
  • Reconciliation

    Please pray that our good Lord will be gracious and grant me my prayer request for reconciliation with Amy.
  • Depression

    I am fighting depression. I was homeless for over a year. I was finally able to find a place, two months later i have lost my job. Need Gods grace , mercy, peace.
  • Overwhelmed!

    Hi my wonderfull brothers and sisters at Positive Life I need your help!I am homeless in NYC I am saved but exhausted from the fight and now in 2 weeks there is going to be a huge homosexual parade maybe 10 thousand people they come from all over the world to be here they are already here kissing in public!Now I know the bible says love the sinner and hate the sin but I need your prayers for this because i am having trouble loving myself right now let alone anyone else!GOD richly bless you brother Danny 6/12/18
  • drowning in the stress

    I need prayers in so many areas of my life: financially, PTSD, unspoken and fights against the enemy. God was there and is there. He saw it all and knows the truth. I need that truth shouted from the rooftops. Please pray God goes with me.
  • Greed, shallow, and stubbornness

    Please pray for me not to be greedy/indulgent, not to be shallow and not to be stubborn- that I can submit my will.
  • Making DIAMONDS out of US.

    I’m 18 days FREE from a 10 year addiction to tobacco thanks to Jesus Christ and the healing rooms (Holy Ghost filled people) in Spokane (as well as Paradise MT for the Hot Springs) as a cleanse from the toxins. God is SO AWESOME and MIGHTY to be PRAISED! Now He is working with me on the dietary aspect (not wanting my temple to be acidic), my family is giving me difficulties (coming from a household full of the average American diet) as most are aware what that entails… Please pray for strength to overcome, as well as to be a positive influence for the Kingdom. Mostly not ours but His WILL be DONE. Thank you all for reading this and taking it up with our Savior, ultimate wireless connection, (as there is POWER in NUMBERS), from the depths of my soul, I greatly appreciate it. God BLESS y'all!
  • A close friend

    I don't know how to sum it up. I met someone. We've been close friends for two years, met from work (I'm not longer there) He was deployed when his wife sent him papers for a divorce. We've been a close friend in prayer and support so this part of our relationship was unexpected never intentional. He is a beautiful soul and has blessed my life. But the last two weeks or so he's been very quiet. He he has said he's uncertain about a relationship but at the same time doesn't want to loose me because we are so close and have come so far. I'm trying my hardest to stay encouraging and respect that. Yet not sure what it all means. God has blessed me with him this far. I suppose my request would simply be to leave it to God's hands. I hope this doesn't sound like some kind of high school crush!
  • Don't Know What To Do Now ?

    Hello ,,,,Short and sweet. I found out I have Stage 3 Throat Cancer.

    Lost Now,,
    Guy Wilks
  • Nephew

    Hi. I'm writing in concerned about my nephew. He's been through a lot in his 19 yrs of life. He lost his father when he was 2 and grandfather and his beloved grandma in the past few years. Hes battled depression and anxiety for several years and refuses to go to counseling. He will be graduating culinary school next week, he should be happy but he's not. We are a very close family and try to help and talk to him about things but he gets angry. I worry about him all the time!! He should be enjoying life, hes young and should be happy. Please keep him in your prayers. thanks