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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Financial

    I am asking for your prayers for financial recovery for my life, to pay off all of my bills, to fix my vehicles and my home.. Thank you very much for your prayers.!!
  • Husband guidance

    Pls keep praying my husband receives Lord's guidance on searching for different job or not
  • Daughter

    Pls pray hard our daughter will come back home with her
    2 year old until she gets married. She wants to move out of fiancées house & she can live with us.
    But since we live 4 hours away the baby's father is influencing her to stay with him. He doesn't want to marry
  • New job at home

    We haven't lived in our home town in years. I may have an opportunity to get a job back home and be by our family again. I pray that it's the Lord's will to send us back home.
  • Prayer for my family

    Please pray for my family. My wife and I have 7 children. We need prayer to help our family cope with our middle child's mental illness. Thank you
  • job interview

    I have a job interview on Tuesday at 2pm. I'm nervous and would like prayer for
    God's favor for do very well and get the job. Bless me with the words and answers to every question that is asked of me. Thanks
  • Want to thank all the prayed for my wife

    I am not sure how to thank all the prayed so just going to post it this way .. Thanks to all the prayed for my wife who was taking her RN test a couple days ago she passed and is as happy as I have seen her in a while. :)
    Thanks again ..
    God is great!!
  • Wisdom & boldness for daughter

    Pls pray our 22 year old daughter will find Christian home to live with her 2 yr old son. We offered our home but we live 4 hours from her
  • At the end of my rope

    I hate to sound like I am consumed by self pity but I almost feel like God has abandoned me and I have a hard time facing each day. I work hard and fall short, I got taken by a landlord and my daughter and I've been living in a house with no water for 7weeks now. I need to move it costs so much, we maybe nd up with no place
  • help

    My dog is very sick, and may have cancer, please pray for healing. My dog, is only 8, and I would like a few more years with him.