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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Daughter

    Please pray for my daughter...she is feeling alone and unsure in the high school scene and needs strength to make good choices and good long lasting true friends....

    thank you

  • Brother-in-law - Daughter-in-law

    Please pray with us for the success of my Daughter-in-laws job interview.
    Also please lift up my brother-in-law who has lived a life of bad choices and needs extensive medical care. I pray that one of the local nursing homes will have room for him and his financial aid will be approved. I also pray that he will be inspired to work hard and regain his strength and beable to become more self sufficient.
  • Full-Time Emplyment

    I have put my name in for a full-time teaching assignment at a local Catholic school. Please pray that the principal is inspired by the Holy Spirit and my words so he may recognize how beneficial I would be to his teaching community. Your prayers are appreciated!
  • My son

    Please pray for my son Edgar. He hasn't make good decisions lately. Pray so he can accept Jesus as he savior.
  • Bone Graft

    My wife is getting a bone graft this morning for a dental implant and I pray she is calm and well.
  • finances

    I am a mom of four and I feel like I am constantly stressing out about money. It's always one step forward, two steps back with our budget, I try to stay positive then something happens with the car or the house that sets us back. I would appreciate any prayers in this time of economic stress that so many others like I am experiencing.