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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Marriage and Family

    I confessed sin to my spouse and now I am no longer living with my family. I am owning my issue and have found help and am continuing to press into God. I am so thankful I no longer have to carry that burden. My prayer is for Healing, restoration, and for my family to be reunited! God is able! thanks for interceding!
  • School

    I'm currently a college student going into the Accounting field.Ive honestly never felt happier and more at peace with my career plans. Except,A couple of months ago my plan was to go into the medical field which led me to registering for an A&P class for the 2nd time. A class that ive taken once before and failed. The info just doesnt stick,countless hours of studying and i am still once again failing.If i don't pass, my financial aid will get taken away and that is something i cant let happen. I pray and pray and had so much faith that i was going to do good, i put my trust in him, and i feel like I'm just sinking.My stress and anxiety is going through the roof, i don't know how much more i can take, and I'm upset with God. Please pray that i get peace in my heart & for wisdom+knowledge to be able to miraculously ace this last final to bump my grade up to where it needs to be.
  • Please pray for my brother

    My brother, Allen, is missing. No one has seen him for 2 days. His phone is in his house, but he's gone. He's an alcoholic, and possibly suicidal. He knows God, but still feels unloved. Please pray that we find him and that he's ok.
  • My Health

    Please pray that I feel better soon and that my ailments will be lifted and taken away from my body. Please pray that I will have faith in God to heal me.
    I also pray for each and everyone of you who pray for people on this sight. I pray the Lord will bless you for taking the time to think of others and pray for them during their time of need.
  • Marriage

    Please keep praying for my husband and I. My husband is really struggling right now and is kind of going away from God. Please let him find God and his way back to us
  • Car woes

    Recently my family bought a car. Unfortunately, the seller lied about the history of the vehicle, and the car we thought would be with our family for awhile is no longer running due to significant engine trouble. It costs more than the worth of the car to fix, but we've put our entire savings into this. It's been a bitter disappointment. Please pray for us - that God will help us not hold on to our anger towards the "Christian" who sold us this vehicle and lied to us. Please pray that God will help us find a solution. It's very discouraging to loose our only means of transportation.
  • My brother

    My brother is addicted to drugs and in the past month has been using a lot and does not think he has a problem or want help. Please help me in prayer that he realize he has a problem and want to get help. Thank you!
  • Funds for my son's future

    My son; Kyle was 12 when his father committed suicide. Over the years he has used drugs and alcohol to numb the pain. After many sleepless nights and countless hours of prayer, he is now taking steps in the right direction to becoming a healthy and productive adult.

    He currently has an opportunity to apply for the electrical apprenticeship through a relative who can get him on board but because of a past bad decision, he currently does not have a current drivers license, which he needs if he is gong to apply. I would like to ask you to pray with me for God to provide the necessary finances to cover his reinstatement fees, insurance and an outstanding citation.

    I know God has great plans for my son and believe our prayers will be answered.

    Thank you and may God greatly bless you all!
  • surgery, school

    My four year old daughter is having surgery tomorrow. Please pray all goes well with the procedure and healing. My eight year old son is having problems in school and behavioral issues more than ever before. We know he has ADHD and are in the process of getting that diagnosed, but in the mean time he is picked on, bullied, and falling behind with school. Pray that god gives us the knowledge and knowhow to help him. Lastly, today is my last day of work. After eleven years an injury has forced me to go back to school. Pray that god leads me into the education needed for where he wants me and that financially my family can afford it. I have a large family so please pray that wherever I'm lead I am able to still be there for them as well as the job. Thank you!
  • my daughter

    Please pray for my daughter. She is having a colposcopy and biopsy and she is a 25 year old wife and mother of 3 beautiful little girls...may God give us the strength we need and the patience to wait through to the results. May He have Mercy on my baby girl...