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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Peace/guidance

    Please pray that I can sense the Lord's peace during the holidays. I miss my two adult children who live several hours away. I'm trusting The Lord to help us see them & also for our other son to get a job soon & be at peace about his decision last year to end his relationship with his Christian girlfriend he courted 3 years. He started doubting his decision lately & he is still adjusting to a lot of changes after moving with us away from his hometown and friends and familiarity. He needs a job that will allow him to study and go to church. God is so good and has answered a lot of prayers...I'm asking for these new requests to be lifted up to Him by faithful prayer warriors!
  • tired

    I feel like going to bed and not leaving. Just about everything that can go wrong does. I don't do anything without seeking God. I am just at a point where I am saying enough already, I can't anymore, over and over again but it doesn't end.
  • salvation

    my cousins need prayer.the davis family-Philip,Tanya,Olivia-age 7,and Oliver-age 5.
  • Love & kindness

    Lord knows I miss my ex wife, she wasn't my first girlfriend or even my first wife! So I can honestly say; she was everything I ever wanted. She was smart, determined, beautiful, a great mom & I loved her smile... So I just wanted to thank Heavenly Father, for ALL the other blessings, He still shares with me! Warm wishes & little angels kisses : )