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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • favor

    Please pray for a situation with an employee at my work, God's will be done. Thank you, I appreciate your prayers.
  • Financial

    Please pray for our family for financial stability and to guide us out of debt. Most of all for peace in our lives and for this trouble to not come between our relationship.

    PRAY for HELP HERE at HOME..,,...'WE Need FAVOR, MERCY.. He Can't WORK ANYMORE........ and does get SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY but we're STILL STRUGGLING......... PRAY for our FAMILY,. Thank You....
  • Scared

    Found out today that in less than 2 weeks I've got to have a hernia surgery. Found out it was more serious that I originally thought and it's a bit more urgent. The issue is that after two and a half years unemployed, I finally got a job hired on seasonally at Lowe's. I'm scared right now that with everything going on, I'll be let go as I'm just a temporary employee anyway. I'm scared because my wife has a health issue that we're facing at the same time right now that might require her to miss some work. I'm just praying that Lowe's will work with me and move me to a light duty position during the recovery from the surgery so that I can keep working. I don't know what will happen otherwise.
  • My Cousin's Problems

    Pray my cousin will start attending church on a regular basis and be saved. Pray she is healed of myopathy and any other infirmities she may have. Also, pray she never again has suicidal thoughts.
  • Daughter

    Please pray she will desire to read the devotional book I gave her & her marriage to be strong. They both need Jesus & Lord's direction very much. Husband to have emotional strength & words they need now
  • need medical help

    I shared before I need medical treatment I ask for prayer for healing and for the treatment needed.my go fund me link is gofundme .com/gdn6qg-need-medical-help
    Please pray this is successful. Also pray for my children to be saved.
  • Prayers for truth, justice, love, happiness

    We are going through a difficult custody battle. I pray for the softening of hearts. I pray for healing of old wounds. I pray for the truth to be told and heard. I pray for justice to be done. Previously we had been civil but after some upset in my ex's home, things have been taken out on our children and my home. Civility got thrown out the window and shut behind it. I pray for the window to open and be allowed back in. What is best for the children is what matters, and seeing parents who don't love each other anymore but being able to communicate is what is best for them. In Jesus' name I pray, please.
  • prayer request

    Request prayer for depression and anxiety to where I cannot sleep nor eat.
  • Prayer for our service men and women

    Please keep our service people in your prayers today. Military, Police, Fire and Rescue