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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Requesting Prayer

    I have stage 3 Cancer of the Throat and a Tumor behind my nose. I am fighting dry mouth ,, sore throat ,, nausea which is not helping me to eat or drink. The foods and drinks have no flavor to them and every time I go to eat or drink I want to throw up. I am loosing weight and they want to put a tube in my belly. Help Lord ,,,Help Take This Nausea away and Help Me Thru The Cancer Lord.

    Thank You For Your Prayers
    Guy Wilks
  • prayer

    I am going to turn in an application tomorrow for a job, and I hope the interview goes well.. I need the job.. Also, the hardest thing for me being a Christian is to accept what Jesus said, when he said, do good to those who do evil to you.. I am not saying that I don't agree that is the right thing to do.. That is just the hardest thing for me to obey.. When somebody hurts me, it is my natural reaction to want to hurt them back.. And I fight this all the time.. And I see other Christians struggling with the same thing.. I know it is pride.. I have come to the point I want to completely obey Jesus.. I have found out half of the battle is with myself.. I just pray that I would obey Jesus.. Not only because I have to.. But because I want to.. Thanks folks for the prayer support.. Take care
  • Broken

    Can't stand how I am treated by a family member. Please God be a mirror to her. Not sure how to continue a relationship with her at this point. She treats me so hatefully.
  • pray God make the scales in my parents eyes fall away

    I was abused for years as a child by my four-year old brother, who was essentially fully grown while I was still a child and was taking martial arts. He knew how to hit. He was a good liar and very cautious about when he would strike. He was only ever caught twice, but then was institutionalized. Even after that, he denies everything, and my parents have always chosen to believe him down to kicking me out of the house and trying to exclude me from the family. To me, this is a violation of Ephesians Chapter 6 where it says "Fathers, do not anger your children...." My parents are Christian, and I love them, but they refuse to see and I ANGUISH!!! Pray that God cause the scales to fall from their eyes. It worked when he did it for Paul!

  • Struggling in Sherwood, OR

    In conflict with local officials in Sherwood, OR over how they treat those with mental disabilities, they mean well, but it's a small town and they have no experts. They persist on sending several large fully armed officers to people's homes for mental health checks. Many people with ptsd, childhood trauma, schitzophrenia, and other such issues do not respond well to several large fully armed men in black showing up unexpectedly. In fact, not only does it stress the mentally ill person, but it endangers the cops!
  • Job

    Prayers that my job interview goes well this week. I have been suffering from anxiety attacks due to life's daily struggle also and would appreciate prayers for those to go away and faith in God's will to be renewed.
  • Confidence and reassurance

    Just going through another difficult season with my Son's father. Needing guidance and reassurance! In need of confidence to follow the instincts that God gave me and to know that all I do comes from a loving place. Please pray for strength and confidence for me and protection for my child. Thank you.
  • Find a Job

    I know there are people with far worse problems in life. But i just graduated and i am expected to get a job.I also suffer from depression and anxiety. God help be with me and keep me strong. I need a place where I can be happy and be myself. If not ill hide and be lost and soon ill break Lord.
    I know you have a place for me Lord. And you have our backs always.
    Thank you!
  • Be fearless and find the purpose of my Life.

    All my life I was lost until I stood up in faith for myself. I suffered from depression, anxiety and panic attacks. In other words, I feared everything in my life. And I still do but I also feel safe and peaceful in the presence of God.
    I always knew I was meant to do something in my life. I am in search of a purpose. I want to do something that matters I want to leave a mark before I leave if only I knew what.
    I also know that there are people suffering way more than me. And I pray for their wellbeing. But this is still eating up my insides none the less.

    Thank you

    My daughter has been struggling with vomiting episodes for the past 4 years, then come and go but last 2 weeks at a time. during that time anything that she drinks or eats, she can't keep it down. She is in and out of the ER, 3 times she has been hospitalized. I try to encourage her, but I don't know what to do anymore. I have prayed and asked God to heal her, and/or give her strength to endure this if that's Gods will. Please pray for her and for me. Thank you,