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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Healing

    Really worn out and in so much pain. I want physical healing of the whole body. It hurts too much. I am also very isolated. Thank you for the prayers.
  • Restore

    I have been in ongoing battle with demon and the devil, it’s been 5-6 years I hear them even if I don’t want to I pray and ask for relief I believe God has a plan for me because all those years I’ve been a believer. Also the demons mess with not my mind but body they hurt me and have caused actual injuries. Please intervene
  • School Problems

    Please pray for my son to enroll in 6th grade in a good school where he can get support. He is 95th on a waiting list in 3 schools and we are very worried. He struggles academically so, he needs good school and teachers to guide him. I know God has a way. Amen
  • Dealing with Discouragement

    Would appreciate prayers... not sure why I’m feeling so down, but it is affecting me. It is hard to feel motivated. I believe I will push through this as God is always so faithful and I thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement.
  • Healing and peace

    Healing for me, I will see doctor Tuesday, worrying. God's peace, sleep, comfort and presence. Family stress, needs are high for me and wife, also our dog has cancer.
  • Deliverance, restoration, finances, employment

    I need a miracle. Got laid off from my job as an architect right before Christmas. Managed to hang in there to now with a bit of work designing a house. I need a real architectural position paying full market worth or a bunch more design commissions with good fees and deposits to break. NOW. I need deliverance. The devil is real and has been ragging on me for so long. (decades) Running on fumes and vapors, spiritually, emotionally and financially. Worn out. Hope is extinguished. Why Try?
  • Need God's Help ,, Need Everyone Prayers ,,,

    My name is Guy ,, I am 62 years old. About 3 yrs ago I got throat Cancer and a Tumor behind my nose. The Doctor says the Cancer ,, Tumor is gone. Praise God. I still deal with the side effects from Radiation treatments. I also have a new problem ,, I am scared. I am getting really bad head aches. They have yet to find a answer to what is causing the head aches. Excidren was taking the head aches away for at least two days. Now it is not even touching the pain. The doctor says take muscle relaxer 3 times a day. That's not working. The only thing the muscle relaxer does is help me sleep. I am afraid of what is happening to my body. I pray a lot for God's Help and all I keep hearing in my head is ,,, Trust In The Lord With All Your Heart ,, Do Not Depend On Your Own Understanding ,, Seek His Will In All You Do and He Will Direct Your Paths. I Am Trying.
    Thanks For Listening,,
    Guy W.
  • Insomnia and stress and anxiety

    I haven’t slept for the past 4 days I feel so restless and scared regarding my university projects.. the submission tmrw..I have never worked so much for anything in my life still i feel I’m not good enough and not confident enough.. I need a miracle tmrw.. to make this happen
  • Son

    My 34-year-old son is dying from heart failure from his years of alcohol and drug abuse. He had been on the streets for four years, but I have brought him home because of this. He is bipolar and OCD, so it makes for a very stressful situation. His heart is only working at 15% and I have had many days in the past two months when I thought he was taking his last breath. I have tried to remain strong, but there are days that are very tough to do so... I have talked to him about God and needing Jesus and he says he believes in them because of all the things he saw while living on the streets, but not sure what he has done to ask for forgiveness. Need prayers for him to remain calm and passing quietly when the time comes.
  • Restoration and healing

    Hello Everyone,
    When I was a teen I was a drug user and moved away from my local town to begin new and leaving all negative in the past I was sober for 3 1/2 years until recently due to financial issues I had to relocate back to my old town and temptation has gotten the best of me when one of my family members is a user, I sadly began using behind my partners back , I’m deeply asking for a prayer so my financial issues can improve and to be sober again also asking for a prayer for my family member to quit using and for god to touch her and realize it’s wrong , it has torn my family apart

    Thank you for praying for me and my family
    May god bless you all