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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Grandson summer schedule with us

    Lord to guide my husband and son-in-law when they chat this weekend. Grandson is autistic and does very well with us, as he has spent alot of time with us before our daughter married. He is more difficult around them & wants to go to church with us.God to soften their hearts about church and God to guide the conversation for the perfect balance between our homes, we live 10 minutes away, convenient
  • Mother's healing

    My elderly Mom to get to the doctor fine on Wednesday, sister to be available to help her, they live in CA. She is 77 and lives alone but sister lives in her town. God to intervene for my mother. Timing for her to live with my husband & I, God to give direction through my husband
  • Pray for My Husband,He’s going to SEND an EMAIL to CPS to let know Everything about our grandchild’s Mom..

    URGENT PRAYER for over My Husband as he WRITES out the EMAIL to CPS about our grandchild’s Mom..Please PRAY this TIME they WILL LISTEN and TAKE ACTION,IMMEDIATELY..Praise God our grandchild is with our FAMILY.. Please CONTINUE to Pray our grandchild to STAY with US..
  • Alzheimer's

    Please pray for my friends, the spouse is showing clear signs of Alzheimer's. I am so sad for her. She is doing things that are extremely out of character and her husband is so stressed by all of it and has to undo everything she has done which has put a lot of mental stress on him. Pray for healing and guidance. Thank you.
  • Happy Fourth of JULY!

    Hi pastor and all my wonderfull brothers and sisters at Positive Life Christian radio!Happy Fourth of JULY!Psalm 150!GOD richly bless you brother Danny 7/2/19 please say a prayer fro me I am homeless at 72 and it could be a little dangerous at night
  • Pray for my sister in law

    My sister in law Shelby is in the hospital with multi-system organ failure at just 43 years old with no prior health issues that we are aware of. Please pray for her healing as I am unsure if she is a believer. Also pray for the comfort of her children as they go through this experience. Thank you!
  • Parent wisdom

    Prayer needed Lord will open doors for my elderly divorced parents to come to agreement on how to continue caring for my middle aged sister, who has always relied on them
  • teeth

    I have some bad teeth, and I have no dental insurance. One of the teeth is hurting really bad. Please pray that God would open doors for me to get my teeth taken care of. That he would help me with ongoing financial problems. Thank you
  • Wisdom for Mom

    Please pray for me to be strengthened and have God's wisdom with what to say when my mother is overwhelmed with my sister. My mother dragged me into a situation before and now she is doing it again
  • Insight

    I really need God's insight on a situation. This is the only door that He is open but I want to make sure it is really from God. I am feeling confused and lost. I need His help.