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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • finances

    I am married to a wonderful man, but of all the wonderful things he is, the one thing he is not is a provider and does not like to deal with our finances. I have struggled with this for 15 years now. I know Jesus has me in the palm of His hands, He has been SO incredibly merciful to me and let me know He wants me to trust and REST in Him. Which brings me to my request to you. My husband owns his own business and not much I can do to stop that. But, he hasn't been paying his taxes owed. I now have found we owe $40,000. to the IRS. I have made sure we don't have other owed debt, other than what we pay for a medical bill. We have no outstanding credit cards. But, honestly this has hit me straight between the eyes and I feel so incredibly overwhelmed. I need guidance, courage, strength and joy to fill my heart despite the pressures. Thank you
  • Help!!!!!!!

    I recently moved to la grande Oregon to live near my kids and I was staying with my daughter and her husband until I could find my own place and we had a huge fight and she kicked me out I am now homeless please pray for me to get a place I'm living in car
  • Family relationship.

    I am not getting along with my mother. It breaks my heart to see her treat me this way. She takes everything I say and do wrong, snaps and demeans me. I need God to show her how she treats me, be a mirror because everything I say is inflammatory to her so it must come from Him. We only have one mother in this world; I'd like to get along with mine. I think she is taking her frustration at life out on me. Say a prayer. Thanks.
  • Thank yuo very very much!

    Hi my wonderfull brothers and sisters at Positive Life!Thanks to your prayers the long Labor Day Weekend was a great blessing which truly was a miracle truly his ways are higher than ours!Please say a prayer for me I need his love so I can share it with my fellow homeless colleagues!GOD richly bless you brother Danny 9/4/18

    I have a bad relationship with my dad. He isn't a bad man but he and his anger has done things, said things he cant take back and I can't seem to forget. I just want to forgive him, because i still stay with my parents and it gets harder. The lord took me under his arms and pulled me out of depression only a few months ago. And I'm grateful to have depression out of my system. I blame my family for how i feel and yes some days are harder and i cant seem to keep up with my faith. And it really hurts. Please pray that i feel so,e peace in my mind that i dont jump back into the dark hole. That the lord give me strength and courage to face this life.
  • Struggling

    I really don't know why God made me. I feel my life's a waste. I work hard to make a difference in this world and try to get physically better and nothing changes and I feel more and more like a human piƱata. I am constantly having issues with my health so I can't save money and most months I run out food 3 weeks in. I can never ever bless others because I am struggling. And I have family members who treat me badly. Decades of this along with so many other trials and I am cracking.

    I believe in Jesus and know He loves me. I am the one who is falling short and need prayers for strength and to continue to increase my faith. My parents suffered with years of Alheimer's Disease and one has passed away. My sister is struggling with being a caregiver. My husband has had cancer and serious infection and at times we do not get along. I have struggles with my own physical ailments and am at one of the lowest points in my life. I do not have anyone to express my concerns to. I know for certain prayer is real and true and can move mountains. Please pray that I may continue to run the race until the end and be a good and faithful servant to Jesus our Lord.
  • Faith when God allows suffering

    I have trouble living in a broken world that is full of chaos, pain, and horrible things. I trust God but I am troubled because He allows terrible suffering in the world. Please pray for me that I do not get lost, and that I continue to trust God and not let the world suffocate my spirit.
  • Empty in marriage after 38 years, depressed

    Please pray for my marriage to be healed which has been failing the last few years . I am recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder which has sidelined me as well and it's affecting everyone in my family from my depression. Giving up isn't the answer I know Jesus is watching over me and keeping us afloat, but not sure I can handle staying in this relationship any longer feeling this empty. Asking for your prayers, thank you.
  • please pray for me

    I have battled depression off & on since I was 4 yrs old. I have learned ways of coping but sometimes are harder than others. I am so lonely, my daughter (and bf) is very sick, chronically, and life is just overwhelming. God has a purpose for this, I KNOW it, and I would so appreciate prayers for peace & strength to deal with all that is on my plate. A reprieve from depression would be welcome too! Thank you, to my PLR family!!!