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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Please Pray

    Please pray that my vehicle is safe until I can get it in the morning. My son called me today to inform me that he had driven by it and someone had busted out my drivers side window. .He did not have any keys so he could not move it to a safer place. I can not go and get it until I hitchhike 35 miles in the morning from Harrison down highway 3 and onto I-90, then to the Kingston exit, up the Coeur d Alene river about 6 miles to the Bumble Bee bridge on the Old River Road. My number is 208-689-7000 if anyone would care to assist. I am thinking about 10 am? To top it off it is our one year anniversary TODAY and my husband went on vacation 5 days ago to where we had our honeymoon. It's been a REALLY BAD WEEK! I can't hardly keep out of going into a deep depression and committing suicide.
  • Am losing the battle

    I can't do this any more i just want things to go right. My car is totally broken down. My jobs both of them I need my car to get to i live in a shelter because of leaving a town due to a DV situation depression anxiety and I was a cutter I am a single mom and am losing this battle to stay well. Am trying hard to overcome to stay safe but one bad thing after another keeps happening I try to make it better for us but I can't keep doing this I need help I need a miracle I need hope I need my heavenly father I provider I need to see jesus
  • urgent prayer needed please....

    My husband and I have not been getting along very well at all. We have only been married for a couple years now. It feels like our marriage is falling apart. Please please please pray for us. We are believers go to church but the devil is really working hard. Thanks
  • Cancer

    Please pray for my friend who has breast cancer. she has already had 2 surgeries, chemo & radiation. It has now spread to her bones. she is in a lot of pain both physical & emotional. please pray for a miracle! she has 2 young children that need her here! Thank you!
  • Son and father

    Pray for son and father relationship. Son is 16 and needs a dad right now, not a preacher. Pray that son gets motivated to live life to its fullest. Thank you.
  • Healing for my Husland

    My husband Chuck was told today that he has Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. We would appreciate your prayers for God to heal Chuck and to cause him to be a witness of God's great mercy. It is God's battle. We can do nothing to change the diagnosis, but God is in the healing business. We go Friday, July 11, to talk to the Oncologist. Pray that God will direct the doctor and us for His glory. Blessed be the Name of our God forever. Amen!
  • No Home

    My family is going through a tough time, we are being evicted from our small apartment, because my parents job is not providing for us, i just want my parents to be happy and to have a good job, so we can get a house, i have not lived in a house for over 8 years, and by the end of July, we will be sleeping in a tent in a friends backyard. I am very scared, and going into high school is adding to my fear, i would like prayer please for my family and for me, so that i may have the strength to push through, thanks guys, and may God bless your day.
  • Huband critically ill

    My husband is in ICU with congestive heart failure, COPD and other issues. Your prayers appreciated.
  • Prayer for Jerry Josun

    Dear Saints,

    Please intercede in prayer for my friend Jerry. Jerry is in India for almost two weeks now to be with his father who is very ill. His father now is suffering from swollen brain due to low sodium level. Jerry is schedule to return to Kuala Lumpur this Saturday but in a situation whether to extend or return. Pray for speedy recovery and salvation for his dad and God's guidance and strength for Jerry is this time.

    Thank you for all your support. God Bless.
  • prayer for my family

    Hello, I don't ask for prayers very often and not like this. But my husband and my self are expecting another baby in December. We have a 10 month old and a 7 year old. My husband has been out of work for almost a year. We have no more in come at this time. And its wearing on my husband. Plus our little girl the 7 year is going through health problems. She has been coughing up horrible things not normal. They can't figure it out. I ask for prayer for them. For Gods hand to help them through this hard time. I know the power of prayer. Thank you for the prayers. May the Lord bless you!