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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • For my son

    Please pray for my son. He is 28 and been making poor choices for the last 10 years he got into trouble with drug charges in Wyoming. He was just charged 5 years probation with 4 felony charges he is currently fleeing. Please pray that he will agree to treatment and follow his probation. He has a 5 year old that is struggling with abandonment issues.
  • Moving on

    I need prayers for God's love and His plan for a loved one. They are ill and have several medical issues that require some assistance. Until very recently I have been the primary caretaker for this person. However, due to negative and slightly abusive behavior I have been forced to vacate my own place to avoid having my own health issues. I still check on this person daily and am assisting them however I can (they also have a caregiver that comes daily for a few hours.) My concern is that this loved one is not making any effort on their part to make things better for themselves. They have gotten beyond my ability to care for them and need to be in a place that can. I get harassing calls or texts mixed in with ones of gratitude etc. I still care for this person and only want the best for them but I need to avoid this highly toxic relationship as well.
  • new apartment

    I am requesting prayers for a friend of mine. She is having to move on very short notice. She has applied for, and paid an application fee, for a place. She needs this to come through before Monday. I pray that God opens the right doors for her.
  • Husband guidance

    My husband to sense the Lord leading him regarding family members who are low on cash, we do help a good amount with different ones, we have been the most responsible
  • Prayer for my sister

    She is going through many trials right now with her child and finances. She really does need a miracle and I would love my PLR family to join with me in lifting her up and asking God for a miracle.
  • Homeownership

    We really want to own a home. That might not seem like a big deal, but to break out of renting and having a drug dealer as your neighbor is. To be able to watch my kids play safe in there own back yard. To have a garden and their own rooms. My husband is loosing faith. The wait has been very long. Over 10 years. He is getting older and he working very hard. He worked over 200 hours last month!. We really need God to step in. This is no way to keep going. We need a financial breakthrough, outpouring.
  • prayers for paul

    Prayer for Paul. He is going through tough times right now with his personal life. He is in need of a vehicle and most of all he needs salvation.
  • For God to help me understand if Contemplative Prayer is ok to do?

    I have not been able to sleep for 2 days, I need understanding from God if it is ok to do Contemplative prayer....I can't sleep and don't know what to do...I was praying and came across contemplative prayer....it seems Catholic in origin....I wasn't raised Catholic...don't know what to think....I hope God helps me sleep...this is not fun and I have finals for college on wednesday.
  • Husband healing from allergies/asthma

    Lord to please heal my husband! He takes meds but is still sick, want to believe with others for a miracle. He is discouraged, as he is otherwise in great shape
  • Son determination & strength

    28 year old married son needs the Lord to help him with follow through in a career path. He wants to have artistic talents go somewhere, but needs a sustainable job he feels good about. He seemed to want to take a certain course in the medical field, which would not be too hard, but is hesitant.His wife is working hard and going to school. Needs to be open to work and go to school, needs to try this path again