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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Autistic adult daughter needs peace.

    My daughter is extremely upset at the possible Supreme Court Justice because she says she can;t get sterilized as she is just 18. She has no romantic interests at this time but she insists she absolutely does not want children and birth control is not 100% effective. She says it is a normal part of a relationship if she wants to have a relationship to be intimate but what if she got pregnant? She wants the abortion option and she knows I am against it and would vote against it. Last night she was in tears and stated if she ever got pregnant and could not have an abortion, she would kill herself. Just the idea of her stating that scares me.
  • leukemia

    Today, after our church service, we found out that our Pastor's son Zach Rochek has been diagnosed with leukemia. He has had five units of blood given to him since he went into the hospital last Friday. He knows that he is in God's hands, but he also needs prayer.
  • financial

    Need a financial blessing please. So I can marry the one I love.
  • Need God'shelp

    I need to thank God for what he has done in my life, and I know he helps me.I feel in despair right now and need God's discernment and guidance.I feel confused about a lot of things.
  • son

    Please pray that my son, Kevin, will receive the certificate of compliance from WA state he needs to proceed with his own business,
  • Jesus please help!

    Having a family member demean me over and over has harmed my psyche. I can't do another day but I am financially strapped. I feel abandoned by God. I cry most days.
  • I want to not lose hope. To be stronger in Faith

    I have always been the ‘good girl’.though I had every reason to get messed up. From deep family problems to depression. Now I’m 23. never got drunk, or smoked, or dated anyone, nothing that my parents wouldn’t want me to do and focused only on work and my passion what I was good at. And God was my constant and He trumps all drugs.aroung the same time there was a friend of mine, who was my opposite. Rich and reckless and one great dream stealer. She did everything inappropriate.but then why is it that today when I am reaching out for my dreams all the windows are closed but others who never really wanted it, have access to an ocean full of opportunities.I know God has a plan and I trust in it but there are days that my faith is shakey.there are people with bigger problems but I I don’t want to go back to the dark place again.and want to grow stronger in faith with every test.
  • Drinking

    Please pray that my husband and I can stop drinking. We have been trying without any success. Also to take away the craving to drink
  • Relationship troubles

    I'm so upset with myself for being so trusting of people. You meet someone, share everything and then they turn on you. I know I'm partially to blame because I shared too much too soon. I am desperate to find someone who will be totally honest with me. And I have my faults. I'm about ready to run again. One friend told me that I have no filters. I don't know what to do
  • Me too

    I sincerely hope that everybody finds a blessing from God.. I have lived with depression.. I know how hard it is.. And I have social anxiety disorder.. That is actually worse.. I have prayed, never seem to beat it.. Not only that, I have been searching for a job for months now.. And can't find the right one.. By some miracle I keep making it.. But that is not how I want to live.. I still believe in prayer.. I still believe in God.. Thank you to those who continually pray for me.. I am praying for you too.. God bless everyone