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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Moving Forward

    I have been in the position of taking care of an ill loved one for several years now. As he gets no help from his family, I have felt responsible for him since we were dating at the time he became sick. Unfortunately, he chose to not take care of himself as well as he could have and it has gotten to a point where it has become too much stress for me. Our relationship did not survive, although we still care for one another and remain friends. He is attempting to find a place to move and is applying for Social Security so he has an income other than me. I am sad to see it change but need to move forward with my own life. I struggle with what I want and the timing of it vs surrendering to what God's will and timing are.
  • Financial Recovery

    I am currently experiencing financial difficulties due to health issues, please pray for me that God will intervene and give me the help I need to pay my bills. Please pray that this burden is lifted.
  • health-school-family

    I'm beginning my last quarter of school and am experience some health issues. Please keep me in prayer to finish my program strong and for God's guidance and healing upon my body. And also pray for a smooth remainder of pregnancy for my wife who is in her sixth month. Thank you.
  • I need prayer for strength and discernment during fasting

    The Lord has blessed me with sending my life partner recently. We still have some things to take care of before we are able to get married. Please pray for us to follow the Lord in all we do and commit our ways to him fully. I am going on a fast this week. Please pray that I find strength in God, am able to focus on him, and also that I gain wisdom and understanding. Thank you!
  • confused and hurt

    I am not quite sure why God has had me co-habitat with someone who is so passive aggressive and let this be my lot in life. I am suffering a physical injury setback & can't get on my own two feet right now. Instead a relative who is 90% of the time fine to live with, will just say the most hurtful demeaning words to me when stressed or angry at me. She uses her mouth as a weapon. She will use things against me even blaming me for things she did. When she gets mad she curses at me. I have tried to heal so I can move far away from this situation but keep getting setbacks. I am on a low budget and need lots of miracles. I have prayed over and over that God would please show this person that she is not allowed to treat me this way and cross my boundaries from one human to another. She is a Christian. I want her to learn if she's angry at me she still needs to treat me with respect.
  • Need more clarity from God if I should go to college this session

    I need God's guidance if I should go to college this quarter, I have some mental health problems that seem to be getting a little better, but not sure if good enough to go to school, I pray God is clear to me, I think he is telling me to hold off.
  • Family problems, addictions

    Our grandson is addicted to drugs & he is bipolar. He lives w/us. Please pray for his deliverance & that he works & becomes a good citizen. He lives w/us & we are elderly & can't help him.
  • Prayer

    Please Pray...I'm 46 ,Never been in a relationship,been praying for relationships for over 22 years.Please Please Pray GOD sends me (Phil Chavez) life partner quickly real soon In JESUS Name
  • physical healing

    Asking for prayers for healing for some type of physical or mental disconnect that has kept me from semi normal sleep for 4 years. Physicians have no answers. My only hope is Jesus Christ. Years of exhaustion and need to keep up hope.
  • Deliverance from demonic oppression

    I need prayer for myself. I have went through some very serious demonic oppression, and need breakthrough for deliverance and healing. Help with unbelief, and open heart. Thank you, God Bless, Mike